In this picture, there is a t-shirt with the words "little cocks make me laugh" printed on it. The t-shirt is purple.
Small Dick Humiliation – My Specialty
August 3, 2015
A Sexy lady there in this picture and she is looking sexy and smart and she is showing her boobs
Are you A Phone A Mommy Baby?
August 12, 2015

sissy baby

I’m Miss Ava and I have always had a special fondness for little needle dick sissy boys like you. I know just how badly you need a confidant, sexy cuckold mommy like me. I know just what a big man baby like you needs. I mean lets face it your little inch worm sized dick is not of any use to me, but I do enjoy tucking your little nub between your thighs to form the perfect camel toe pussy.

I love stripping you of what little dignity you have and turning you in to my little diapered cuckold slave. I will dictate your daily chores and turn you in to my sissy maid and kitchen bitch. You will take care of all my domestic needs, and even fluff my lovers for me and get their dicks hard with your mouth so I don’t ruin my lipstick.

With your little penis in chastity and a diaper you will be forced to sit and watch your mommy get fucked by a real man…..

 diapered sissy

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