In Mommy's Slutty Outfit, a woman is shown walking along the street while sporting a miniskirt.
Mommy’s Sexy Clothes
November 6, 2015
A pink skirt with frills that was maintained on the floor was quite attractive to both see and wear.
All Pretty in Pink
November 8, 2015
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Bottle or Breast?



So I’ve been having an ongoing debate with some of my abdl callers about a very interesting topic and I think it’s about time we get this debate settled and ask the whole abdl phone sex community on what they think about the matter! Okay so here it is. Do you prefer bottled formula or do you prefer mommy milk? I’ve asked just about every abdl i’ve had the chance to and so far all the responses i’ve gotten have been tied at 50/50! I’ve had some abbies tell me that they prefer a baba with some formula in it heated up in the microwave and i’ve had some abbies tell me they prefer it when they have a mommy craddle them in her arms and pull out her lactating breast for adult baby to latch onto and drink from. Some like the closeness of mommy feeding her abby from a bottle and some prefer the closeness of having their lips latched onto mommy’s nipple while you’re craddled in her arms. I guess the debate really can’t be settled on which one is better because every abdl is different when it comes to what they want to do with their mommy! So how about yourself? What do you prefer when you’re having adult baby phone sex? Do you like to be breastfed or bottle fed?



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