surprise spanking
October 1, 2009
I'm The Girl….
October 1, 2009

sick bear

ACHOOOOOOOOOOO! o no! it sounds like someone else is sick…!! seems like it is going around..poor abie…dont worry i am here to take care of you..i made some hot chicken noodle soup, your favorite! and i got you some grape cough syrup cause i know you have that berry one. youll be all better soon.. i got you so tissue that will make your nose feel better since its all red and sore! Ill give you a warm bath and put you in some warm clothes and tuck you in and make sure you have your *snugglies*….let me take your temperature!! 101.5 o no!! you need to stay in bed… dont worry about school tomorrow..ill stay here and take care of you all day…make those sniffles go away….you’ll
be better soon….oh you got a tummy ache to and you think you got the flu call on me and i’ll take care of you!!!


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