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February 18, 2008
A Sitter for the Sissy-part 3
February 21, 2008
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Bath Time with Nanny Ella

Some days bath time can be a little daunting but most days I love giving an abie a nice soapy susdy bath! Bubbles in the air and a happy splashing abie having so much fun! Let’s find your rubber ducky and fill the tub up with a whole bottle of bubble bath. I’ll even put a nice thick towel in the clothes dryer for a couple of minutes so when you get out of the tub I’ll have something warm and soft to wrap around you. Doesn’t that feel nice Now what kind of fun can Nanny have with a clean boy? Nanny doesn’t mind a dirty boy but we can still have some fun once you are all cleaned up. Maybe we’ll get you in your diaper and you pjs? Sometimes Nanny has to deal with a little streaker running off and dripping all over the house. What will it be, baby? Ready for your bath and your diaper?

Nanny Ella

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