Hey, it happens!
September 4, 2011
ab mommy bathtime fun
September 8, 2011

Ready for a fun day out?  I have such a treat in store for you.  We will be going to one of my favorite stores – one that caters to my, shall we say, ‘special’ requirements?  A good outfit always starts with a good foundation, so we will begin there – a satiny pink bra/panty/garter set should do the trick.  Now, now, don’t start with your sniveling and whining, for it falls on def ears.  Your words may protest, but your body gives you away!  You can’t deny it – I see how your stir under the caress of those satiny panties.  You want more, and more you shall have!  A frilly, lacy dress is next on the menu along with white stockings and Mary Janes.  No need to wrap them up, for you’ll be wearing them out of the store!  I want everyone to see what a pretty little sissy I have!  So, are you ready for your day out?


Your forced fem Mommy Gina


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