Mommy’s Panty Drawer
February 21, 2010
sissy Karin
February 25, 2010


So you used the potty the other day…wow Nanny is so proud of you….you tried to wipe but we will work on that…hehehe….so proud fo you…all I keep thinking about is going out and purchasing some of those wonderful pull ups…so I can watch you use the big potty now…there you go….such a big boy/girl….nanny loves to see you try to be oh so big…but that is ok if you had an accident Nanny will still help you get all cleaned up and ready to go out….then we can go to the store and buy you great little panties to try when nanny comes over for her next visit….oh those are so cute….all nanny can think of now is that wonderful song that we can sing together as you put your pull up on…..Rachel


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