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February 21, 2008
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February 21, 2008
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Mikeys training

It was decided, today would be the day. We had been planning for months, our “target” found weeks ago, everything was ready. Janey had been following him, on and off, for weeks now. In the past several days she had quietly talied him everyday. She knew his schedule better than he did. She had gone over his usual wensday schedule with me the night before, several times, making sure I knew every detail.

I made my way to cafe where he had brunch, everday wensday like clockwork. Just as Janey said, there he was at his usual booth in the back. Janey had picked this spot, this time, because the cafe that he ate at was very busy at this time. Downtown, just before noon, all the “suits” came pouring in for buiness lunches and break time. He always arrived a little earlier than the lunch crowd and usually left as things were getting really busy.

I walked in and pretended to look for a table, to no avail. I approached him and asked if he minded sharing his table with me, as there were none left to sit at. He was very polite and said he didn’t mind sharing his booth with a lovely lady. I smiled, my most charming and innocent smile.

This morning, Janey had helped me pick out a very alluring outfit. A classy buiness jacket and skirt, just sexy enough but not overdone. The blouse i wore underneath was low cut without being too slutty. Just enough cleavage to catch his eye. The skirt was snug, but not too tight, showing off my curves. 

I set my bag on the seat next to me, opposite him. I ordered a salad and offered to buy him a drink for being nice enough to let me dine with him. He protested just a bit, but finally agreed. I had a plan to “accidentally” drop something and quickly spike his drink. But, as luck would have it, he excused himself to go to the restroom. I quickly pulled out the vial, looking around to make sure I wasn’t being watched, and poured the clear, odorless liquid into his glass and mixed it with his spoon.

A few moments later he returned and downed the brandy that was spiked with Janeys “special recipe”. He started to say his goodbyes,but I protested, just a bit. I feigned being a bit wary of going back to my car in the parking garage alone. He said I should be fine, being that it was daylight and there were many other people around. I gave him a pretty little pout and he quickly gave in after I explained that I was parked in a dark corner in the rear of the garage. He patiently waited for me to finish my salad and vodka tonic. I had to have perfect timing. Just enough time for the mickey to kick in, but not too long as he would start to feel woozy and would not make it to the car.

As we walked to where my car was parked, we chatted and flirted a bit. I really turned on the sweetness and charm. I think he was considering giving me his cell number when we arrived at my parking spot. But as he opened my door I could see that his eyes were becoming glassy. He started to swoon a little and complain of dizziness. I smiled a mischevious little smile and asked him if he needed a ride to his car. He agreed and hopped in the passenger side. By the time I pulled out of the garage, he was almost completely passed out.

On the way to the house he mumbled in his sleep. I could of sworn that I heard him say something about “mommy”. I smiled a very large smile. Luckily the trafic wasn’t as bad as I expected, so he was still in a state of unconsciuosness when I arrived. I called Janey when I turned onto our street. She was already in the garage when I pulled in and clicked the remote to close the door.

We pulled him out of the car and onto the stretcher, another good idea from Janey, and carried him into his new room. We both worked together quickly to get him undressed. Janey giggling wildly, with a gleam in her eyes the whole time. I smiled at her, she was a sweet girl and I knew she was going to make a great mommy. I would teach her everything I could, but I knew she was going to be a natural. This experience was going to bring out her nurturing side.

After we got him completely undressed, Janey pulled out two thick cloth diapers and baby blue rubber pants. I lifted up his bum, while she slide the diapers under him. She pulled out locking diaper pins and we slide on his rubber pants. I held him up as best I could as she slide a blue t-shirt on him. The words ‘mamas boy’, printed on the front. We had to work quickly from here, his eyes were starting to flutter and he was mumbling again.

We carried him over to the locking crib and strapped his arms into the soft leather cuffs. We left his legs loose, as we would be locking the crib up. It was very sturdy and well made. It would be impossible for him to kick and try to break his way out. Janey strapped a feeder into his mouth but did not turn the pump on just yet, we did not want to drown him. It was an ingenious invention, shaped like the tip of a mothers breast, epuipped with a large nipple, reaching the back of his mouth. When he was fully awake, the warmed breast milk that Scarlet was supplying us, would ruch down his throat. Just as if he were actually suckling at Scarlets breast, as he soon would be. But not until he accepted his fate as our new baby.

I was so happy Scarlet had agreed to join us in our training and care of this new baby, as she had more experience than I at this. Oh, I had babies before, but they were always willing right from the start. But Scarlet had trained her own baby, who was now exceptionally loyal to his mommy, just as we were going to train Mike. She would prove invaluable to our project. She already knew many of the problems we might face and how to handle them. She had been schooling us in this kind of training for well over a year now. Allowing us to care for her little one and learn all that we could.

Scarlet had invited me to start helpling her care for Jack before he had fully “transformed” into the loving baby boy he was now. I had learned alot in that time about how difficult it could be until he gave in.

After we got him all strapped and locked in. He started to really wake up. He stared around blearily. Not quite knowing what was happening or where he was. He seemed to not even recognize me. He drifted back off and for the next few hours was in and out dreamless sleep. So Janey and I left him to napping and went to call Scarlet and tell her everything had worked out perfectly.

When we invited Janey to join in caring for Scarlets baby boy, she was very enthusiastic. Scarlet hed detailed to Janey for several months, just how she had captured and trained Jack. So I happily let Janey plan out Mikes capture. She definetly had a knack for this. Her meticulous planning came off without a hitch so far. From this point on Scarlet was going to giude us on just what to do to “turn” Mike into the perfect baby, loving and loyal like John.

Janey was to be his “main” Mommy. With Scarlet and I assisting her in his care. And Jack was to become his best friend and playmate. I knew Janey was just ecstatic about about having a baby boy of her own.

Just after Scarlet arrived with Jack in tow, we heard Mike crying out. We left jack in the playpen in the living room, happily playing with his toys and went into the nursery. As we filed into the room, Mike was looking around wildly, obviously starting to realize that he was trapped in the crib and would not be leaving anytime soon. He stared at the three of us in disbelief.

Scarlet appraoched him first and reached through the slats on the crib and unsnapped the feeding gag. Mike was working furiously to keep calm, hoping that if he did he would get some answers from us as to why he was being treated this way and possibly, just maybe, he would be able to convince us that we should release him. 

His first question came out as a whisper “why are you doing this to me? I have money if thats what you need. People will be looking for me soon, I am a very important man. My family and buisness partners will stop at nothing to find me” he said as calmly as possible. Janey giggled, she had done her homework. She spoke up now and informed him that she knew he had never married, had no children and hed very little contact with his family. By the time they noticed he was missing his former life would be completely in the past and he would be calling to tell them he had started a new life with his “wife” Janey.

As for his buisness partners, they could not have cared less what happened to him. They had not gotten along for several years and would be glad he was gone. Not caring one iota, what had happened to him or where he had gone.

At hearing this, he started to whimper and a few tears rolled down his cheeks. Janey rushed to his side, not wanting her baby boy to be upset. She wiped the tears from his cheeksans whispered to him “it’s all gonna be okay now, mommy is here, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. I will take care of everything for you. all you have to do is love me.”

Mike stared at her, seething he shouted “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CRAZY BITCHES!” At this Scarlet shoved the gag back in his both, snapped it shut and flicked on the pump. Janey recoiled, looking very hurt, I rushed to her side and walked her out to go check on Jack. As we left the room, we could here him spluttering as the milk scarlets bittersweet breatmilk filled his mouth. He had no choice but to drink. As he laid there. suckling at the teat, Scarlet began to talk to him softly in a a calm even voice, sounding almost like a melody. Scarlet is very skilled at hynosis and as she spoke he could feel himself being lulled into a trance. He soon found himself in a dream world, where he was a baby being cared for by loving mommies and he was very happy.

… to be continued

  ~Mommy Josie

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