bound in diapers
January 21, 2011
Down the Diaper Isle
January 22, 2011

Usually I do not watch this show, because frankly the audition embarrass me, that’s right they embarrass ME! lol. I watched the first show the first year and had to turn it off, I just couldn’t take it. It’s a new season and I decided that I would give it another shot at watching it. There are some people out there with some amazing voices, and then…there are those who embarrass me over the air waves lol. But you have to give it to them, they are passionate, and enjoy singing and are not afraid to get up there and belt it out. I guess sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone and just go for it! Sometimes, I will speak to someone on the phone who is having a very hard time facing who they are and what they like. I lend an ear, and try to give some encouragement, understanding, and love. Don’t be afraid of who you are, or what you feel inside, it’s what makes you that wonderful person you are.


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