Pay Tribute to your ABDL Mommy
May 10, 2013
Special Candy
May 12, 2013


Naughty ABy doesn’t want to take a nap, but you must. Mommy is going to tuck you in, all nice and comfy in her big bed for a bit.

Will my sweet ABy be happier if Mommy takes a short nap too? Come here darling, and snuggle up against Mommy’s warm, soft skin. Doesn’t if feel nice when Mommy holds you close? The smell of Mommy’s perfume, and the feel of her arms around you, always makes you feel so safe and secure.

Hush little ABy, don’t you cry
Mommy will always be here, by your side
Hold you in my arms, so tight
Mommy’s gonna make everything alright

Mommy Sara

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