Well what would you sissy boys like to know about me? I could post my bio that is written on Phoneamommy.com .However that doesn’t  cover everything. I don’t think any about me page could cover everything that you may want to know. Since I found out that there was one I have been involved in the BDSM lifestyle. As time went on and I met and played with more and more people I learned about diapers and ABDL. I’ve always been the nurturing type. Yes, even when I am humiliating you and giving you much needed punishment I feel that it is for your own good and that Mommy knows best.

Some of my favorite scenarios involve: forced feminization, forced diapering, age regression, erotic hypnosis, diapers and bondage, enemas and toilet training, magic male to female transformation, spanking and discipline and forced bi. That of course does not cover everything that I enjoy so feel free to tell me what fantasy you’d like to explore.

Thanks for reading my blog,
Miss Scarlet

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