Normal is as Normal Does
June 4, 2011
spanked sissies
June 9, 2011


I’ve put my abie boy in diapers and into his crib and now it is ab Mommy‘s playtime. Someone is being naughty though and has slipped out of their crib and into their Mommy’s doorway. You aren’t supposed to see Mommy laying on her tummy in bed and rubbing her special toy over her panties and her butt. Once I bathed you and got you diapered you were supposed to sleep for Mommy so she could have some time to herself. There you are though rubbing the front of your diaper while you watch Mommy’s playtime.

I’m thinking since my adult baby is so curious about Mommy’s toy that I’ll just use it on you. So now I will tie you up to my bedposts and make you take my strap on until you cum inside of your adult diapers for me. The more you wiggle and protest the harder Mommy is going to slam into your sissy hole.


Mommy Scarlet

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