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February 7, 2008
Mommy loves you all
February 9, 2008
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Ab Love

      Well we have one week until Valentine’s Day. I know for the most part it is an excuse to sell candy, flowers and make people who don’t receive those items feel like crap. Here is the thing though. It can be a very special day also. I know a couple that met on Valentine’s Day a few years ago; they are getting married next Thursday. Stories like that are sweet to me.

    I need to ask my fellow phonesex mommies what they are doing to make V-day special for their little ones. I know my abie and I will probably be feeling extra sappy with the wedding and all and, well Mommy can get like that.

     I think as far as my abies that call me? I might break out a heart shaped paddle and warm their bums up with a nice shade of red. Appropriate right? So don’t forget your abdl mommy this year, chances are she is thinking of you too. Most of the mommies I am sure would agree with me.

 Mommy Scarlet

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