The duck appears to be squishy in the picture.
Bath with mommy
February 2, 2016
They appear to be a sexy couple, and one of them is bending.
Spankings from Mommy
February 7, 2016

sntv (8)

I love getting stories sent to me from my callers! Here’s a hot femdom fantasy caller “A” emailed me. There’s multiple parts so be sure to check them out! She arose slowly and moved forward until her cunt lips were settled over my mouth. It felt heavenly as my lips took her in and my tongue entered her sacred cunt. I licked and sucked on her cunt and clit as she had taught me over the past many months. I lived for this and brought her to a massive orgasm, feeling her juices flood my face. I was eager to continue but she recovered and moved off me, covering me with a blanket while she left the room, my eyes following her perfect form. My cock still pulsated as I tasted the remains of her orgasm on my lips. I was about to follow behind as the metal of the cuff yanked me backwards, bound to the bedpost. “Uh.. Mistress Ava..” I stammered. “You still have the key I won’t be able to move without it.” A sexy sadistic smile began to rise in the corners of her lips as she took one last glance at me. “I know.” she said, turning the light off.



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