Misbehaving sissy

flowers Misbehaving sissy Misbehaving sissy flowers

I’m Mistress mommy  Veronika, and don’t worry about remembering my name..I’ll probably gag you so you will not mis-behave & say the wrong one.  You pathetic sissy boy toy  I can just about imagine what you are doing right now giving your self a nice rough coffee enema. You got your diaper around your ankles , on all fours moaning and groaning from the feel of being cleaned of all your filth.   Stinky little bag of filth is all you are clutching your knees like that, good thing you have all the newspaper around you so you do not mess all over the floor. Mistress may have to spank you with a rolled up newspaper for all the trouble you have caused. Bad dog!!!!!!!!



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sissy loves to serve

sissy loves to serve sissy loves to serve sissy

I know one thing sissy loves to serve.

When she is in my playroom sissy Sara is on her knees bound & gagged .

Her bare ass is very red from all paddling and as she cries from the suffering at my hand 

I call her a sorry,pitiful excuse for a person humiliating her as thoroughly as I possibly can.

She puts her sweaty little hands all over the front of her rubber panties she thinks she is clever 

Thinks that I do not know how much she is turned on by my humiliation and degradation of her.

Little slut I know just how to handle you I think then I turn her over and I shove my strap-on so far up 

her pink ass it makes her moan! 

Viciously me 

Mistress Veronika

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sissy boys bow before your mistress

sissy boys bow before your mistress sissy boys bow before your mistress bow

The Mistress of supreme femdom power commands all sissy boys have to bow before her.

One such sissy boy tried to defy me and

he got his ass handled very quickly

I laid him out and flogged his

ass till he begged me to stop and he would never misbehave again.

silly little sissy boy, you can not help but tremble in the awe of my domination.

Heed my rules without question and you will be much happier.

You are no longer given permission to make eye contact so be aware that I will keep you on a leash at 

my feet in a pink lacy dress and diaper.  It is better you do not confuse how important you are in that uniform 

thinking you have the right to be important here as you do not,your pathetic & that is all you are capable of being!

kneel and take your punishment like a good sissy now.

Vicious Mistress Veronika



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smug little,diaper slave

smug little,diaper slave smug little,diaper slave dslave

Smug little,diaper slave thinks he will have an easier time
in my playroom because he has money,I don’t think so money won’t buy you mercy with me. It will give me much more time to make you suffer from all the wonderous diaper punishments I can dream up just for you. So get ready to abandon all hope when u get to my door as I have a whole lot of sadistic fun planned for you. Spankings,diaper domination,floggings,diaper timeout,punishment enemas,public potty sittings,enforced crib sittings,messy diaper displays& many forms of sissification.

If your capable of following my rules you may find your self in a very nice atmosphere if you mis-behave how ever I will most definitely devise a regiment of painful punishing techniques to put you back under control.

Till next time
The Viciousness herself
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pathetic sissy

I like to dress my  pathetic sissy in  princess pink and ,matching panties.

Sometimes my sissy even likes to wear less some hooves & an apron do just nicely.

My little sissy prances around in his dress and panties while I spank his little pantie clad butt.

Dirty little pony pathetic sissy  pathetic sissy  ridepony   he really likes to dance like a sissy in front of a mirror would if he was at home all alone. Little does he know his vicious Mommy Mistress has a a few friends over that are watching him right now without him knowing just yet. I have a sheer curtain that my surprise humiliation group is looking through at the spectacle that is my dirty little pony.  As dances away & I spank his ass I pull the curtain then all my friends start to laugh and point yelling loudly how pathetic & silly he looks.

My pony hangs his head in shame.

I smile sadistically.


Vicious Mistress

Humiliatrix all around Dominant
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Paddled in pretty pink panties

Paddled in pretty pink panties Paddled in pretty pink panties paddlecallbutton 1

Sissy boy paddled in pretty pink panties.

dancing for my cameras eye.

What a silly little twit that thinks he can get away with

stealing the neighbor girls panties out of the backyard from the clothesline.

I paddled him good he knew I would.

Then I marched him over to the girls house in the panties and restrained in leather bondage cuffs.

He was made to knock and wait  horrified as the girl looked out the window & laughed so hard she cried.

So he says to me in his pathetic little voice stammering

” Mistress I tried… I really tried…It is hard to be good… I did try tho.”

I guess you will try harder next time !

Vicious Mistress V


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Diaper bondage

My slave B really likes to endure diaper bondage he is kept in his diapers all day and overnight as well. 

I have chains around his waist and he is in wrist cuffs that are attached to his chains around his waist with a 

big shiny padlock that comes down over his naughty parts.

Diaper bondage Diaper bondage diapeee

Being teased and taunted mercilessly made to go pee in his diaper like the helpless smelly 

baby he is. B is crying now cause I am whipping ,cropping & hitting him with wet diapers, I have told him no one is coming to help him and he is in my 

cold ,unyielding truly terrifying grip. I am going to keep him in these chains & make sure he never forgets just

what it means to be regressed & then humiliated into a pissing ,shitting mass of pliable flesh I can punish as much I possibly want. His suffering will be heard all through the night.  

Horribly Dominant 

Mistress Veronika

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Diapered sissy&pantieboy

Diapered sissy&pantieboy Diapered sissy&pantieboy diapered1

This is the tale of diapered sissy & pantie boy. diapered sissy was a very funny looking little sissy he had pink diapers

with sparkly stickers all over his diapers he had such a lisp but was a very sweet sissy. Always did just what I want him to.

One day I brought him a pink party dress and he got so excited his little bitty pee pee nearly popped out of his pink diaper.

I slipped it over his head it looked so pretty on him.

“Oh mommy I love it”,he said it is so pretty and I like to be pretty for you I do very much. I said “I know you and I have an idea for a game would u like that”?  “yes he said I would like it very much playing a game with you.”

With that I brought my pantieboy from the other side of the house and sat him down in his pretty frilly pink panties.

“Ok,sissy you need to get down there and be a good little sissy and take pantieboy’s big peepee and pop in your mouth.

That is good make sure it is all in there. pantieboy was so turned on. I just knew these two would stay friends.


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Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy

Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy diaperman

Force Diapering  a big hairy sissy boy is a very precise process.

Steps are as follows:

1- Take away his Man clothes 

2- Tell him not to use the bathroom only his diaper

3-give him a polar bear to ride that  is also diapered

4- make sure he knows any bad behavior will be meant with otk spankings

5- big hairy sissy boy will also enjoy being trained how to take a strap on 

   up his big hairy happy hole.

Your sissy may be shy at first but a nice big glob of lube and rubbing of the sissy hole will help,

to convince him to be a little more agreeable for the task.

He will ask for your help and want your guidance to be a better sissy and obey his Mistress with her succulent Mommypillows.

Bet I am making you thirsty too.



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sissy sluts and sissy princess

sissy sluts and sissy princess sissy sluts and sissy princess sissy

Have you ever thought about being shown off as a sissy to many many ladies? I’ve though about how much fun it would be to have a big sissy show. Maybe even a sissy pageant. The thing about it is a lot of the sissies I know are plain slutty and they would do anything to be crowned as the sissy winner. I can think of several sissy sluts who would bribe the femdom judges with favors just to get that crown. There are some scandalous sluts out there and you know who you are. What would you do to who to get crowned as THE sissy princess? Would you take a strapon in front of the judges? Would engage in sissy on sissy oral?

Think about it though. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your Mistress or your Dommy Mommy dress you up in gorgeous clothes and makeup to be seen by all of the other sissies and females there? Picture what you might wear to such a sissy show. Would you be in a long formal gown with heels and pantyhose? Would your Mommy dress you as a little sissy baby girl in diapers and a ruffled dress? Let your imagination run wild and think of all of the cute things and sexy outfits a Mistress might dress her sissy up in for all to see. What would the crown look like? Would there be a talent contest for the sissies to sing,dance, do comedy or something else?
Mommy Scarlet