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January 31, 2014

Diaper Punishment: If You Wear it You Must Use It

You think to yourself, “Well I suppose this isn’t too bad…” as you get used to the feeling of a diaper encapsulating your derrière, your weewee. You think back as to how you came to be in this predicament…   You remember the look of exasperation on my face as I chastise you for the latest offense among a long list of past transgressions.  You remember how my face transformed from one of furry to one of almost sadistic satisfaction.  You thought I was joking when I had said that if you were going to act like a child, then you were going to be treated like a child.  You thought that I couldn’t possibly be serious when I pulled out an adult diaper and ordered you to lie down so I could diaper and powder your bottom; that I must be playing some sort of game of ‘chicken’ and I would halt my commands as soon as you plead ‘uncle’.   But you were wrong.  Looking down at yourself, sitting in just a thick adult diaper on a baby blanket on the floor, you can attest to that little factoid. You realize the need to relieve yourself is growing exponentially, and that you can no longer wait.    You try and get up to make your way to the bathroom, but I stop you immediately, asking you, “Where do you think you are going young man?”    When you try and stutter out a weak “bathroom” I tell you, “Oh no, you’re not ready for potty training – besides, you have a perfectly good diaper on”.  You look down at your diaper as my meaning dawns on you, and as you look up at me with pleading eyes, I say,   “Oh sweetie, didn’t you know?  If you wear it, you must use it”     Lexus 1.888.430.2010
January 27, 2014

dommy dungeon

This is the dommy dungeon a place where question’s will not be tolerated.You are thickly diapered as you enter seeing the delight’s of a strict caring mommy you go right for the nipple nursery . Suckling on the mammoth boob’s you coo and ahh with joy, I sneak up behind you ripping that thick diaper off mercilessly I spank you and inform you did not as k permission to start suckling. Naughty Naughty I scold you as you try to cover you bare red ass with you hand that will not keep me from punishing you as severe as I can. You will learn the rules and then you may enjoy yourself only if I let you!       Veronika 1*888*430*2010
January 25, 2014

Sensual Spankings

I love spankings – to give and on occasion, to receive. But mostly giving them brings me great joy. One of my favorite fantasies is to be the mean, but yet very hot, next door neighbor. You are too old for a babysitter but, your parents are going away for the weekend and cannot trust you alone in the house. So guess what? They send you over to my house. No, I do not tolerate mischievous boys well. And I let it be known that I am not going to put up with any non sense. So after arguing with you about bedtime, I flip you over my knee and give you a good paddling. Your butt is red and stinging but your little peepee is as hard as a rock. As I stand you up I notice and I am flattered. So I flip you back over my knee and show you what a sensual spanking feels like.   The next night it’s even more difficult to get you in the bed (seems you will be doing WHATEVER you can to get another spanking from Ms. Maggie…)   Sound like fun? Then call Mommy Maggie and we will have lots to talk about, hehehe!     Maggie 1.888.430.2010
January 21, 2014

adult baby punishment

I am an adult baby mommy and at time’s I have to give out punishment when little one does not do what he is told. He just will not stop being where he is not supposed to be I found him out of his diaper and in my powder room what a stinker. He was swatted right on the ass for being in my powder room and getting into all my sex toy’s, he even tried to play by putting it in his diaper. He got the ruler and next time I will make sure he can not sit for a week at least! Crissy 1*888*430*2010 
January 20, 2014

Have you ever wonder what it would be like, to spend time with Mommy Lauren at the pool? There is nothing sweeter than Mommy Lauren spending sensual quality time with her Aby on a such beautiful day. Don’t you agree? Have you ever noticed mommy’s luxurious body, in that sexy red G-String swim suite? I bet you get aroused when you see Mommy Lauren soaking wet, don’t you? Don’t act like I never noticed you admiring my huge breast. I can tell in your eyes you just want to crawl on mommy’s lap and just latch on. Sucking all of mommy’s warm milk. I bet you even thought of mommy on top of you, haven’t you? Hmm, yes that is a fantastic Idea. I bet you would love mommy to bounce on your hard pee-pee, don’t you? Oh… yes… that sounds absolutely amazing.. I bet you’d love mommy bouncing on your hard pee-pee moving my hips just like the exotic dancers I catch you watching on TV. Oh yes honey I knew all along, how you admire ladies that can move their bodacious hips. Just imagine how mommy will rock your world. Just think once you explode, mommy will lick all of it up and give you a taste. Can’t get enough of mommy? Well too bad, that’s how it is, when you spend “A Day at The Pool” with your loving mommy. So give Mommy Lauren a call @ 1*888*430*2010
January 20, 2014

You know who's in charge.

So what is it about submitting to this phone sex Mistress that gets you off so much? Is it the fact I know how to completely strip your dominance from you and leave you with nothing? Do you like me controlling you? Because when you’re with me there is no such thing as free will. You have no use in making your own decisions when I will be the one making them for you. Okay, now that we’re on the same page as one another, I have a task for you. I have some guys coming over in a little bit who think it’d be pretty hot if my faggot sub got to suck their big cocks. So I want you on your knees looking nice and ready to suck their big cocks for me. What a good little slut you are. You’ll be on your way to being the perfect sub for this domme phone sex queen. Ava 888 430-2010
January 19, 2014

My sweet baby Aby

Nothing pleases Mommy Lauren, than having my baby Aby crawl on my lap while coddling with mommy. When your hungry and need to feed, mommy’s tender huge breast are there for you to start suckling on. Yes my sweet Aby drink that warm milk, while mommy is changing you. Nothing sweeter than having mommy’s Sissy-Aby on mommy’s lap looking so adorable in frilly pink socks and the pretty lace dress that mommy has bought just for you. My sweet baby Aby, don’t you love it when mommy spoils you? I know I sure do. Mommy Lauren 1*888*430*2010
January 17, 2014

Take Your Medicine

Ya know, sometimes I have an ABie that just doesn’t want to listen and do as they are told.  They whine or do naughty things or have themselves a little temper tantrum.  This I simply won’t put up with.   Of course this lands them over my knee for a swift and harsh spanking.  But that’s not all – oh noooo.  Afterwards it’s time for them to take their medicine: a very large dose of castor oil.  Then I just sit back and watch the “medicine” do its work.  I watch as their little tummies start grumbling and cramping.  Their cute little faces start to contort as the cramping progresses until finally their bowels let loose.  And as they fill their thick diapers to their capacity, I inform them that they will have to sit in their very full diaper for the rest of the afternoon and think about how very naughty they have been (which of course lands them with a very sore rash)!  This will also act as a deterrent for future naughty behavior, for all I have to do is ask if I have to get the “medicine”, and they seem to straighten right up, hehe.   So tell me, have you taken your medicine lately??   Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
January 13, 2014

adult baby nursing titty's

  You are such a  big ab aren’t you?  Like suckling titty while you play with you fat little toe’s, Mistress mommy know’s what you need what thrill’s you. Your diaper is very thick did you already wet ? Such a messy little shit! Mommy has so much work to do and then you pile on a dirty diaper  what is wrong with playing quietly while I finish my tv show? Here we go now you will sit quietly as I get your diaper and wipes and  powder ,lay back and be still. Down come’s that messy stinky thing. Wiping your pee-pee and your pink asshole, powdering you and slipping your diaper on feel better?   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
January 9, 2014

Adult Baby Phone Sex

Oh my poor, sweet, little Adult Baby – I know you’ve been looking tirelessly for that special AB Mommy just for you.  Now now little one, don’t despair, for I have good news for you!  Your search can come to an end now; Mommy Scarlet is here to take care of you.   How long have you been searching, darling, searching for that sensual Mommy just for you? A Mommy who understands that being an Adult Baby is more for you than just wearing diapers or getting spankings.  You see, Mommy Scarlet “gets it” and understands completely.   I can be a caring and tender Mommy if that’s what you need. I’ll give you snuggles, kisses, and soft lullabies to help you sleep. If you require a strict Mommy, I am quite capable of that as well. I know exactly how to receive obedience and respect from my little boys, as well as my sissies.   What are you waiting for, darling? Call Mommy Scarlet now and let me show you what a REAL AB Mommy can be like.     Scarlet 1.888.430.2010
January 7, 2014

hot mommy ready to care for your needs

I am a lonely horny mommy and at time’s I want some cuddle time with my sweet ab so I can be nice and warm. My little adam is just that ab he is such a big baby and I love to watch as he mess’s in his rubber pant’s. What a fun time we have when I rub his bottom after it is all messy he make’s the silliest noise as he is sucking my big mommy milk filled boobie’s. I just bet you would have fun in my nursery just like Adam too come on give in to your need’s and cum play! 1*888*430*2010 Crissy
January 3, 2014

Basement Sissy Baby

My best friend came over the other day upset and a bit lost – she wasn’t sure what to do with what she had discovered.  You see, she had told me that she recently caught her husband being naughty in the basement and wearing girly clothes – I mean frilly little girly clothes, complete with ruffles and lace, right down to little white ankle socks and Mary Janes.   I big smile came over my face; I told her I knew just what to do with her basement sissy.  If he wants to be a naughty sissy baby, then I would be more then happy to help her train him up proper like.  If her hubby wanted to be a naughty little sissy, then I would be pleased as bunch to give him exactly what he asked for – a classic case of “be careful what you wish for” if ever I’ve seen one.   Well, I won’t go into details here (feel free to call me and ask for them though, hehe), but to make a long story short, his wife is now humiliating him under my teachings. I play with the sissy baby’s hair and make fun of her; I take her to the mall with me shopping to humiliate her; I make her dress up and suck her binkie when we are out; the list is quite extensive!    It is so much fun training a new sissy baby.   So tell me…are you a basement sissy baby in need of some of Mommy Lexus’ training?     Dommy Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010