September 30, 2013

Mommy Milk adventure's in adult baby land

Mommy hear’s your belly rumbling U know just what you are craving Mommy Milk. I take you and tuck in my arm and let you nurse you are so happy you clutch my breast playfully. Now you are done and in need of a burp so mommy put’s the rag on her shoulder and hold’s you against her and then pat’s you and you make a long satiated burp. What a sweet adult baby! I can smell you are filling your diaper for mommmy, I hold you up and say” Do you have a present for mommy?” Gurgling and cooing I sit you on the changing table and check the back of your diapee. He sure does have something for me! Mother’s work is never done. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
September 26, 2013

Seven Minutes in Heaven

I have a new game to teach you and your friends the next time you have a sleep over.  It’s called Seven Minutes in Heaven.  And seeing how I’ll be the only girl there, you all get to play with me *wink*.  One at a time, you’ll join me in the closet, and I’ll show you such wondrous things, you’ll think you’re in heaven!  What’s that?  You want to have a sleep over tonight?  Anything for my little man!   Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
September 23, 2013

whore sissy

Oh you are such a slutty whore of a sissy! Getting all made up in that pink lingere and bright red lip gloss. You wanna wear your diaper’s as you watch your sissy slut sister blow that daddy over there. Mommy does not really care as long as your follow her lead she look’s like a puppy on that leash. Her skirt’s are pulled up as that diaper boy play’s with her ass. Well I did not give my permission for you to make a nasty mess! Clean it all up this instant or you will get a wooden spoon swatting!   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
September 20, 2013

A Day with my Sissy Baby

A couple of days ago one of my sissy baby girls asked me to take her shopping for a party dress. Much to her delight I was more than happy to do so. So I called my friend that owns a cute little boutique downtown – you know, the kind with all sorts of party dresses and formal wear. I arranged a personal meeting for her to meet my sissy girl and oh my what fun we had! I think we must have spent close to four hours just trying on dress after dress, slips and petticoats, shoes and matching purses. My sissy was the prettiest sissy by far on the night of the party.   Want Mommy Scarlet to take you to the boutique as well? Give me a call and let’s play… Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010
September 19, 2013

Its time for fall

Flowers always gets my attention no matter where i am traveling or just going shopping i am always looking and if i see flowers they catch my eye i think they are just one of the wonders of spring which is almost over i hate to see spring and summer end but our fall is also a beautiful time of year with all the colors the leaves turn so tell me what is the diapered baby’s favorite time of year.I do love watching my diapered little ones running thru fields of flowers Minnie 1.888.430.2010
September 16, 2013

No limits Phone Fun

Are you a panty boi? Do you get all hot and bothered by the silky feel of lace panties and stockings caressing your peepee and balls?  Everyone knows that girly panties are much softer and sexier than any undergarment made for bois. But you like more than that. Does it make you feel submissive?? Does it make you feel slutty? Do those little panties allow you to do things that you would not do in your everyday life? Things maybe people wouldn’t approve of?  Or consider taboo? I want you to tell me all about it. Janey 888*430*2010
September 16, 2013

I Love My Abbies

  I know why you have such a strong need to be an adult baby.  Because growing up sucks. A nine to five job, responsibilities, expectations, heartbreaks.. It’s just no fun. Why can’t the worst thing you worry about is what toy you’re going to play with today? Why can’t we all just be taken care of like little abies? Well you can. I love all abdls no matter what age. I think everyone deserves a mother’s love. Some need it more than others, but nonetheless, we want it. So do you need a Mommy? Someone to love you and care for your needs? Someone to reassure you everything’s okay? Well look no further. ABDL Mommy Candy has just what you want, and exactly when you want it. Candy 888*430*2010
September 16, 2013

adult baby mommy nursery rhyme

Adult baby mommy is sweet and sometimes strict. She always know’s what diaper to pick. No matter what her little one wear’s rubber pant’s onsies or plastic under wear. Mommy check’s what’s under there. Powdered bottom’s better beware and mis-behaving swift and hard spanking’s follow without compare. Mommy like’s to cuddle and give baby his bottle. pacifier’s in ever shade. Mommy know’s you need a nap after you’ve played. Come now I see you rub your eye’s just let your stress’s drift to the skies. Mommy will rock you to nite nite and make sure you wake up to a lot of healthy sunlite! Hug’s sweet abie’s Crissy 1*888*430*2010
September 12, 2013

ABDL Butterfly

Within the outside world that you navigate through, you are a responsible person, filling your day with work and duties and time sensitive tasks.  You drudge through all of them, without complaint, knowing that they are required to sustain your way of life.  Others depend on you, so you rise to the occasion without question.  This is your vanilla world – the one that is presented to the outside world encased in a pristine little box wrapped up in a bow, nice and neat.  Your persona in that outside world is also wrapped up in a facade – it is you but not the true you that is yearning to get out; it is the caterpillar, yearning for its metamorphosis.   Your home transforms into your cocoon of sorts – a place that surrounds you in safety and security, that nurtures your inner self, allowing it to slowly blossom.    You settle into your transformation: slipping into a soft, thick diaper; popping your binky into your mouth as you start to suckle methodically; darning yourself in your baby attire, be it a comforting onsie, or a pretty little pink dress.  You look down at yourself, and like a butterfly, you emerge from your cocoon, your true self realized, complete.   Enjoy your transformation my ABDL butterfly.     Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010