July 29, 2013

Diapered in a dungeon

 Diapered in restraints down in my dark  lit femdom dungeon. You take that dildo pacifier nice and slow or I will put you in the rack and stretch your balls till  they are sore! The corporate world you hide in has no idea how much of a worthless loser you really are  perhaps I should invite a few of them down to my dungeon for drinks and a round of pin the tail on the diaper sissy. Would that frighten you to be seen as the sniveling coward you are in your raggedy diaper and chains by all the judgmental slobs that work at your office?  Veronika 1*888*430*2010
July 26, 2013

Reasons to Spank…Let Me Count the Ways

I can think of a lot of reasons to spank a naughty boy.  Tommy, however, has to be my naughtiest little one under my charge by far!  He constantly wets his pants even though he is way too old to do so. I have even resorted to putting him in a diaper, instructing him that he’s not to wet his diaper. I have told him repeatedly,  he mustn’t wet himself at his age, but he doesn’t care…so I have had to start spanking him – of course his mother said it was perfectly all right to do so.   So I take down that wet diaper slowly.  I can feel Tommy tremble from excitement and perhaps a little fear as I slide it down—the plastic exterior making crinkling sounds as I pull open the tapes.  His tender butt, all ready for my hand, beckons me to connect quickly and firmly.  The smack is loud and makes Tommy jump—his little wee wee gets sooooo excited.   So while Tommy got spanked yesterday for wetting his diaper, there are still a ton of other reasons I may spank him for (like when he smarts off to me, or has a hissy-fit over something, or just is acting like a spoiled brat).  Let this be a cautionary tale to those little one who might test my patience – I will find many many reasons to spank you, and I may eve use a switch to do so!   Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010
July 22, 2013

Can't make it without a diaper accident?

You cant not make it an hour without a having an accident in your adult diaper you filthy little one! keep going like this and you will surely run right out of diapers in no time. I think it is time for mommy to keep you in that smelly,messy diaper and punish you very intensely with a good hard spanking. Get over mommy’s knee so I can pull them rubber pants down and we can get on with the discipline that is much needed in this situation. There now after a few spanking’s maybe you will keep your diaper dry and fresh for a bit, we shall see. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
July 21, 2013

Mommy's Tinky ABy

Oh my! It smells like somebody has made a stinky mess in his diapy! Come here and let Mommy check, my sweet little ABy. Never mind all the other people in this busy park, Mommy will have to change your ‘tinky pants right here. I spread a soft blankie on the grass and lay you down. Kneeling between your feet, I pull the diaper bag close and get all the changing supplies set out. You stare up, wide eyed, at all the people milling around us and I can see you starting to blush. So many people in this busy park today! See how so many of them stop to look at Mommy’s sweet ABy? See how they smile and whisper to each other? I bet they can’t believe their luck at getting to see such a darling little fella get his diaper changed. I wonder if someone would like to help me? Would you like Mommy to ask someone to help with this diaper change? Are you enjoying the growing crowd that is standing around? Mommy’s little darling is a show off! Mommy Sara
July 19, 2013

Dirty Diaper

Oh don’t worry i heard you screaming well into the night i know you messed that diaper just had to let me know about it didn’t you and mess with my sleep.Thought you would get a nice clean diaper change didn’t you man did you get a big surprise.I reached over and pulled open my night stand drawer brought out my nice little package and opened it up and took those ear plugs and popped them into each ear and went back to sleep all smiling too. Wasn’t too happy were you too bad you were warned to not make a mess that i was going to get at least one good nights sleep while you were here.You want to sleep and take those nice long naps during the day then at night keep me up and running changing you not happening is it.I think i will start calling you poopy diaper boi. hahahah Minnie 1.888.430.2010 Thanks for the awesome pic don’t remember where i got it but loved it for this blog
July 18, 2013

Let Mommy Comfort You

There is nothing like the warmth of mommy’s touch first thing in the morning; you can feel it on your back. You turn over and see mommy’s bright eyed smiling face and she begins giving you lots of sweet gentle kisses all over your face. You love being woken up by Mommy. She’s waking you because your diaper needs changing.  She begins to undo your diaper and she makes a comment about it being all soggy and wet. You feel the cool soft wiping with the baby wipe that mommy is using on your bottom. She stuffs a new clean diaper under your tushie and sprinkles a little baby powder on you to keep you nice and dry! That’s feels so good first thing in the morning. Mommy slips off her robe and climbs into bed with you. You love the feel of mommy’s soft skin against yours, she is caressing you from head to toe, she makes her way to your inner things…and then you notice that bulge inside of your diaper again. You know Mommy gets excited every time she notices that bulge in your diaper…and then Mommy makes you feel really good! You wonder what she’s going to do this time!?   Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
July 15, 2013

diaperslave whore

You are my diaperslave whore you like to wet your diapers  and make such a mess for me to clean up. As I am changing your dirty nappie you make it messy with your filth on purpose you   are mocking your dommy mommy! Be a better adult baby with me or I will give you some harsh spankings, you do not wanna be on  my bad side I am telling you now so we can avoid that predicament. Why are you running from me with that bare ass of yours in public ? Did you tear your fresh diapee off what a naughty little whore , you were getting gang banged in that park bathroom again I bet! Veronika 1*888*430*2010
July 14, 2013

The Bois In The Hood Are Always Hard

You thought you were a big boy. Thought you could disobey me, and talk back to me, with that dirty little potty mouth of yours, but how did that work out for you? I asked you nicely to stop saying dirty words, but you just wouldn’t listen. After the first warning, you got duct tape over your mouth, but yet you continued to defy me. Next, you got a sound spanking with my new paddle, and still you fought me. When I pulled the Hood out, your eyes got big tears in them and you began mumbling and shaking your head no. Pleading won’t save your sorry sissy hide! You know what happens when you misbehave, especially when you’ve been as naughty as what you have been today! Checking to make sure the duct tape is still tight over your pathetic lips, I slide the hood over your head. Securing it tightly about your neck, I leave you to sit and think for a bit about what a naughty little thing you’ve been today. And don’t even think about putting your hand in those sweet pink plastic pants to rub the bulging front of your diaper! I will not hesitate to tape those wandering hands behind your back!
July 11, 2013

AB Mommy and Abie Go to the Beach

I love the summer months for one main reason – the beach.  I’m a water baby so I always look forward to spending time at the beach, and Mommy has several new bikinis to wear!  And just like me, my sweet Abie just loves to spend the day at the beach as well.  I make sure that I pack his little swimmers diapers, along with lots of toys to play in the sand with.  Now of course I’m careful to rub plenty of sun block on his delicate skin, and reapply often, especially when I’m changing his diaper or lil’ swimmer (don’t want any of Abies parts to get burned, now do we?).    Yes, there’s nothing like spending the day at the beach with my special little one!   Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010