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February 28, 2013

Touching Silk

I know and saw how you watched as i moved across the floor watching every step i made you love silk stockings don’t you lil one your eyes gets all big and bright and shines like brand new buttons.The mouth falls open the drooling starts running down your chin can’t help yourself can you its so evident that you want to get closer to me.I sit in the chair and look at you still drooling i snicker to myself thinking i will see what else you do next since your not sitting in the chair too good and twisting around and cant sit still.Then i notice your chair seems to have moved somewhat closer than it was i laugh again to myself i do believe i will tease and taunt you for awhile then have you crawl across the patio floor just to get closer to these stockings that i know you want to touch so badly.Come on just a little closer lil one i will let you feel how soft and silky they are. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
February 28, 2013

Mean AB Mommy Lexus

Mean Mommy Lexus… I just don’t know how I’ve gotten such a reputation.  Now I swear, I don’t want to have to be mean and be the strict disciplinarian, but some ABies just like to test me. When faced with a bratty little one that simply will not behave, there’s only one thing to do and that’s teach that abie a lesson! Over the years I have developed different methods for dealing with Mommy’s little problems but in general I follow the rule that the punishment should fit the crime, so to speak.  From an over the knee spanking, to dressing them up as a sissy gurl, to castor oil to… well let’s just say I’ve had to rely on more severe steps to adjust little ones undesirable behaviors. Remember, when Mommy Lexus is teaching you a lesson it’s for your own good – that’s why they call it tough love. Now, you know you’ve been naughty, and you know you will feel better once you’ve confessed all your mischievous antics, your bad behaviors, and then be allowed to atone for them. So tell Mommy Lexus what you did and we’ll find a way for you to make up for it… ~Mommy Lexus~ 1.888.430.2010
February 27, 2013

I <3 Humilation

Hi ABy’s!! Do you know what I like to do? I love to humiliate my ABy’s, especially when they are bad! I love to hear them cry and whine, and beg me not to make them wear their diapers in public. But you know what, if they don’t do exactly what I say, I’ll make them wear their dirty wet diapers in public! And it’s just because I said so! I like to feel the bulge my ABy’s get when I make them do all the naughty tasks that make me wet! And if they don’t- everyone will find out their dirty little secret!! Hehehe. Can you be a good babie? Or will I have to humiliate you until you make a big creamie mess in your diaper? Kisses, Mandy 😉 1 888 430 2010
February 25, 2013

Mommy Loves Age Regression

I have a sweet adult baby caller who is really into age regression. We fantasize that he is my adult baby and we role-play that he can’t sleep and need his Mommy to help him go ni ni.  So I throw back my covers to welcome him into my bed and as soon as he’s snuggled up against me, I can feel something a brewing through his pajama bottoms.  I think adult baby may just have his very first hard on.  As soon as I realize he has a boner immediately start to get moist between my thighs in mommy’s special place as I pull him even closer and wrap my arm around him.  I nuzzle aby’s little face right between my massive breasts, and aby starts to coo and wiggle with excitement  as I rub your adult baby diaper…. Candy 888*430*2010
February 24, 2013

Adult diaper play

I know a horny guy who loves adult diaper play. He likes it when his mommy mistress puts him in a trance and regresses him back to baby years. Crawling around on the floor and cooing and gaga-ing over everything he see’s. What a little abie he is  in his big thick white diapeys. Always wanting mommies breast milk & saying bahbah poo poo & peepee. He get’s into Mommie’s room when he is not allowed in there & takes my panties! What a dirty little adult baby, Then I have to give him a good spanking for being bad! I make him wear the panties he took and as he is getting his spanking he mess’s in my panties. What a little stinker! Veronika 1*888*430*2010
February 24, 2013


  Diaperloving Give me that pudgy pair of adult baby legs that I can tickle, tickle. I wanna see dimples and rosy cheeks little one’s that play with their feet. Naughty milk lover’s who can not get enough of mommies sweet juices. Crinkel,Crinkel thick white with tape to the sides & sometimes teddy bears too. Diaper play for me Diaper play for you! I love the sight of a bare bottom over my knee knowing that I get to swat that ass with glee. Bet you wanna wrap up in this blankie tight while mommy rocks you to a sweet and comforting night night.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
February 23, 2013

Trouble at Daycare

Everyone knows how much I love to play show and tell! It’s just so much fun getting to see what the other adult babies have under their diapeys, and I love all the attention I get when I show them what I have. But I ended up getting myself into a teeny bitty bit of trouble when I was at daycare today. It was naptime and I couldn’t get sleepy, so I crawled behind some tables where two adult baby boys were playing and whispering. When I asked what they were doing, Billy said that he wanted to see if Sean had the same thing in his diaper that he had. As soon as the told me, I wanted to see too, so Sean pulled down his diapey and me and Billy leaned in close to peek. It looked just like what Daddy had expcept a little smaller! Your turn! Sean whispered. Billy leaned back and pulled his diaper down, his peepee was a teeny bit shorter than Sean’s, but it looked bigger around. I started thinking about whether it would fit… Sean reached out and touched Billy’s peepee while touching his own. Then they both looked at me and said it was my turn. I looked down at my diapey and pulled it down so they could both see. First Billy reached out, then Sean. They both had their fingers touching me and rubbing over my lippys. Sean said I should pull up my t-shirt too cause I looked different from them up there too. I pulled it up and they moved their hands up touch my boobies too. That’s when the teacher found us under the table. With Billy and Sean’s hands touching me all over and my diapey and t-shirt pulled away. Boy did I get a bad spanking. It was worth it though hehehe, Billy and Sean’s hands felt really good. Maybe we can play show and tell again… Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010
February 21, 2013

Taboo Phone Play: Just a Peek

Mommy sees how curious you are getting about your changing body…about girls and how they are different from boys.  I’ve seen you trying to sneak a peek down my blouse or under my dress when I bend over…honestly it gives me a little tickle, hehe.  So when I catch you trying to sneak a peek at me, I confront you; instead of getting angry, I ask you if you would like to take a peek and see how mommies are different from little boys (after all, if it isn’t up to mommy to teach you all about the birds and the bees, then who’s is it?).  I lift up my dress for you, exposing my little lacy panties.  I tell you to come a little closer and get a better look…closer my precious…closer…if you like, I can let you see what mommies have underneath our pretty little panties, but just a peek, ok? Mommy Maggy 1.888.430.2010
February 21, 2013

Easter Bunny

Now isn’t this the cutest thing sissy B wanted to show me how cute and adorable he is dressed as the Easter bunny not sure if he sees how much of a sissy he is.Sissy B loves to be laughed and made fun of so that is just what i do to him loves to be made to go out in the public dressed up as the sissy he really is even though he says he isn’t.Hate to tell him but i do believe he is a pure breed sissy slut he keeps saying no no i am not a sissy but it didn’t take much for me to get him to dress up like this now he gets hunt the eggs in the front lawn on Easter Sunday just like all the neighborhood kids wonder what the other neighbors will think i believe they will laugh and make fun of my sissy B. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
February 18, 2013

regressed into pampers

He was such a secret adult baby he has needs to be regressed into pampers. He came home and as soon as he got to the kitchen I was waiting for him with a fresh diaper in hand and my magic shrinking dust. I said my special words and he started to shrink,he clothes were so so big on him I could tell he was scared at first but then he started to coo and gurgle and everything was much easier. I picked him and slipped his soft cushy pampers on him with a matching skirt and top. Awww there is my sissy baby girl Alice, my precious sweet heart. Mommy has a fun nite planned we are gonna have a playdate with a couple other sissy babies. Little sissy girl looked up and clapped her hands in excitement… Crissy 1*888*430*2010
February 15, 2013

How Many Diapers…

Sometimes one adult diaper just doesn’t cut it. Of course so many of my adult babies require diapering so as not to make a mess on Mommy’s carpet and furniture, but in many cases it becomes necessary to take greater precautions. The first option many jump to is the plastic diaper cover, or panty. While I would agree that plastic panties are a good solution, as long as they’re a good quality panty, I think we should all just take a second to consider the benefits of just a couple more diapers. You can just throw that plastic panty on over those extra layers! Now, multiple diapering becomes a necessity when you have an especially messy adult baby. Every mommy has experience here. That ABy who doesn’t seem to stop going tinkle and poopy in his diaper. And of course the ABy who has a naughty streak in them and tries to run away from a diaper change every chance he gets. Now I know what you’re thinking – but Lizabeth, why not just spank that naughty streak away? I’ll tell you why, because even mommies like to laugh, and there is nothing quite like seeing an adult baby wearing so many diapers he can’t even walk right. That’s why! Here’s what I like to do: when I get my fussy adult baby down for a changing I go about the normal diapering procedure, wipe, lotion, powder, tape. Now when I tape him up I make sure to do it as tightly as possible. This is real important, ‘cause once you get into 4-5 diaper territory it gets hard to tape those suckers on. After that first diaper you just keep adding more and more until you’re satisfied. Even if you tape the diapers as tight as possible, sometimes they still don’t want to stay closed. God bless duct tape. You can very carefully explain to your ABy that perhaps if he wouldn’t make changing time such a chore, you wouldn’t have to use so many diapers. Then just sit back and relax as you watch your silly adult baby attempt to waddle around. You might just find yourself wanting to use more than one adult diaper more often! Mommy Lizabeth 1.888.430.2010
February 14, 2013

Sitter Jenna

  Listen up adult babies; today Babysitter Jenna is in charge. Your mommy and daddy went off somewhere for the whooooole night. That means from now to when you go to bed, to the time you get up in the morning I am the boss and everything I say goes!! I always have mommies and daddies asking me to be a sitter for their adult babies, that’s because they know that when I’m the sitter, you dumb ABies are gonna get away with anything! What your mommies and daddies don’t know is that sometimes I’m not the most upstanding sitter. Sometimes I might wanna have some of my girlfriends over to see what loser little adult babies I’m sitting for. Other times I might have some of my “special” friends over to play special games. Those kinda games are not for ABies! And don’t even waste your time thinking I’ll let you play them with me. If you’re really really good and you keep your little mouth shut, then just maybe I’ll let you watch when we play! At least then you’ll have something to think about when you’ve got your hand down your diaper hahaha! Oh you thought I didn’t notice the icky ways you play with yourself?!! Silly adult babies, Babysitter Jenna knows everything!! Jenna 1.888.430.2010