October 31, 2012

Halloween Scare Phone Sex

So my little Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers and Sissies alike, are we all excited for Halloween?  What do we have planned? Visit a haunted house or a haunted hay ride?  Maybe watch scary movies and stay up all night, peering over your covers and keeping a close eye on the closet door (which, by the way, you could have sworn you closed three times already)?  Perhaps you’re planning on staying in a graveyard till after the witching hour, or performing a séance with some of your ghoulishly fun friends?  What ever you have planned, I hope it includes being scared outa your wits with a fresh diaper firmly in place, cuz it just isn’t Halloween until you’ve had a Halloween scare that literally scares the crap outa you, heeheehee.  And to that endeavor, you can always give this AB/DL Mommy a call and I will weave a Halloween tale that will give you nightmares for weeks to come, hehehe! Happy Halloween Everyone! Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
October 29, 2012

Halloween Spirit

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween since it is so very very close i think you should dress up so very sexy like you enjoy doing.How about that cute little pink dress with the ruffles and bows along with that garter belt and stockings with some high heels and the bows in your hair.Oh you will look awesomeness we can even take some pics and post them around the neighborhood might even have the chance to raise up the dress hem and show off your diaper hehee. And don’t forget to do your makeup you have learned that process so well so proud of you sissy so are we ready to face everyone on the Halloween night can’t turn back now no more hiding in the closet for you. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
October 28, 2012

Forced diapering

There you are you naughty thing I think you need to be taught a lesson some forced diapering is in order! I take your dirty little hand and lead you up to what used to be your room, it is now an abie room. Your eyes get so big as you look around the room, what happened to all of your clothes ,posters,books& things you had in your room? you ask me I shrug and say this is the way it was when I got home from work after I saw that you made that nasty mess in the bathroom. You start to stomp your feet and throw a fit. Not putting up with any of that I swat you good and hard on your butt. Get up here on the changing table, that is right now lay back. Now I am gonna take all your clothes off you do not need them anymore. Your naked laying helpless on the changing table, I grab a diaper and some plastic panties start to put them on you. Getting even more stressed out aren’t you,too bad! I pick u up off the changing table and stand you in front of a full length mirror, you look like such a sweet little sissy abie. I bet you feel better now more like yourself. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
October 28, 2012

Kinky Halloween Fun

Hey my abbies, sissies, faggots, and diaper lovers it’s time for some fetish phone sex with noone other than Mommy Ava. First let me get this out.. Happy Halloween!! Alright that’s better. I was thinking I could turn one of my rooms in my house into a dungeon and spank naughty little bois who were acting out and being bad.Speaking of being bad, have YOU been bad? Do you need to be put in Mommy Ava’s Halloween spanking dungeon too? There’s plenty of room for you role play phone sex munchkins! *evil laugh*   Ava 888*430*2010
October 27, 2012

Dommy Mommy Halloween

This year your going to experience what a true Dommy Mommy is for Halloween. You have been a naughty baby lately and Mommy has let you get away with it quite long enough. Mommy has a special Halloween costume for you. I caught you with your hands in your diaper again. Now you know that ABies aren’t allowed to do such naughty things. So mommy is going to have to take extreme measures with you.  I will be placing you in chastity and for good measure…a diaper with a pair of plastic panties equipped with a lock. And that comes AFTER your very thorough spanking with the new paddle I had hand made just for your bottom. That’s right, the words”bad boy” are going to be emblazoned on that soft bottom of yours. Then, after your all locked up, I am goijg to put on those dirty videos you have been hiding and see just how much you enjoy them now. *evil laugh* Oh don’t cry now, it’s much too late for being sorry. Now it is time to take your punishment. No, this Halloween we will not be going out. You will be getting a very different kind of treat. Call mommy now to see what other punishments I have in store for my naughty little AB. Experience this Dommy Mommy for Halloween. Josie 888~430~2010  
October 26, 2012

Halloween Classic

Ya gotta love the classics – and as far as Halloween goes, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has got to be on the top of the list.  There is just something about planting a seed of uneasiness, sprinkle it with a bit of universal primal fear, and then let the imagination and panic grow to a manic state. And of course there are those Adult Babies who beg and cry for a scary story – just before bed.  Now I know that that’s probably not the best idea for a good night’s sleep, but truth be known, I love coming in after they’ve woken up screaming from a nightmare, looking to me for comfort and to chase away the monsters under the bed, and the boogie man who they are convinced is lurking inside the closet. I cuddle up next to them, pressing their little faces against my breasts, and take their mind off those scary images with some naughty Mommy games (you wouldn’t believe what you can do with one of those glow sticks teeheehee). Hope everyone has a happy Halloween, and if you are in need of Mommy Lexus to chase away those scary monsters with some naughty Mommy play, just give me a moan! Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
October 25, 2012

Wimpy Sissy

Wimpy sissy loves the time he gets to spend with me because i make sure he is very humiliated at each and every turn he makes in his pitiful life.When he shows up for his sessions with me he has to be dressed like the sissy he longs to be.But one thing he is required to do and that is to walk to my place in the bright of day so everyone can see him dressed this way also he is to wear a  on his back and front of his dress stating that he is a wimpy sissy and only gets to dress this way when he comes to see his Mistress. When he gets here he has to tell me all of the people he sees along the way and what they say and do he normally has tears running down his face because of the humiliation he receives as a result of this walk.His face is also so red it is also funny because there is a to him also like opening a nice big Christmas gift he loves every minute of it his stocking are soaken wet because he peed on himself  from the excitement of doing this for several blocks. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
October 21, 2012

Stinky Pants

I sometimes wonder if abdl phone sex is really what I should be doing.. I have these moments of genius where I think that someday I may be a great song writer.. When I came up with this little diddly. Stinky Pants (Loosely sung to the tune of Lady Gaga Bad Romance)   Oh ma-ma ma maa Mama Ma mama Ew haha ha-ha Mr stinky pants   Somethings really bothering me, It’s something I can smell but I cannot see, What is that smell? Smell smell smell What is that smell?     Well lookie here, I found that smell, It seems like you made a stinky pants. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, Aby made a stinky pants.   Oh woah-ohhhh-oh-ohoh Caught in those stinky pants. Woah ohhhhh-ohoh oh, I told you this was your last chance.   Well.. you get the idea J So what do you think? Should I keep my fetish phone sex job? Or turn into a 50 shades of grey themed song writer     Candy 888*430*2010  
October 21, 2012

Good Night Sitter

The other day I was getting a ride home from one of my ABies daddies. When we were getting to my house he asked if he could walk me in. When we got into my house he thanked me for taking such good care of his ABy. “Someone should take care of you every once in a while,” he said. “Let me put you to bed.” He took me up to my room and started to undress me. Once I was nude he had me lay down while he rubbed lotion up my legs, between my thighs, up over my tummy and small perky tits until all my skin was all smooth and soft. He gave me an extra special rub between my legs before he pulled a fresh pair of panties on me. He held me in his arms and then pulled a soft cotton t-shirt on over my head. He pulled open my covers and helped me into my bed. He pulled the covers back up around me and tucked me in nice and snug and gave me a sweet soft kiss. Sometimes even ABy babysitters need to be taken care of by daddies too! xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010