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May 31, 2012

Shopping with my Adult Baby

It was so much fun shopping the Adult Baby furniture store online with my ABie.  We decided on an adorable play pen and matching changing table (they will custom stain them to match – how nice of them!!).   Now Mommy won’t have to put my Adult Babie on his bed to change him.  I can hardly wait to see him in his playpen.  He already has many toys to play with.  He has a toy monkey that was one of his first animal friends.   Next month we are going to shop for more.  His dreams are to turn his bedroom into the perfect ABDL nursery.  Our next purchase is going to be a rocking chair so Mommy can rock him to sleep.   I’d be glad to help you with your redecorating too!     Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
May 31, 2012


You like to participate in mommy roleplay it is always the best time to have all these question’s answered that you want to ask. This is som eof the questions I have been asked by my ab phone friends I play with. what happens if I draw where I should’nt mommy? well little one, you get to be in time out and stand in the corner with nothing but a diaper and your little pout. what if I don’t do what I am told Mommy? Well then you get mommy very angry and you do not wan to cross me. That is when mommy pulls that diaper down around your ankles and you get a taste of my paddle on your bare bottom. Oooh, that sound’s like it would make my bottom very red, mommy. Yes it certainly would, my ab honey. I am a big boy ,mommy I don’t wanna have diaper’s on I can go in the big boy potty chair. No absolutely not you’r not ready for that yet, big boy’s don’t wet themselves, your just a bitty ab you need to be treated like one. So its diapers for you from now on. Don’t keep me waiting I would wanna keep me happy give me a call now huggies and kissies Crissy Call 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402
May 29, 2012

Adult Baby Nursery Phone Sex

Welcome little one. Look what Mommy has for you! Your very own Adult Baby Nursery! I put everything that my sweet AB needs to be happy, and feel loved. Over here are your diapers, along with your powder, and ointment so you don’t get a diaper rash. Over this way you see the rocking chair where Mommy feeds and rocks you to sleep. Here are all your wonderful stuffed animals and toys that we play with every day. And last but not least, THIS is your crib! Isn’t it beautiful? Mommy had it specially made just for you! Isn’t all just so wonderful? Now all I need is you to come and spend some time in the Adult Baby Nursery that I made just for you. Mommy Lauren 888.430.2010
May 29, 2012


Tantrum’s you good at doing but do you really think it does any good when you stomp your feet bang your head on the walls and floors hold your breathe.Now do you honestly think i am going to give in to those pityful demands of your’s i don’t think so little wimp. You will dress as i say and wear these sissy dresses and the diapers wherever you go i could care less what your friends wear or what they say about you wearing the sissy clothes.Yes i know they laugh and make fun of you but then so do i.Now get your butt upstairs and get ready like i told you to early and no more back talk,and enough of those sissy tantrums of your’s. Doris 1.888.430.2010
May 26, 2012

sweet abdl sissy

I had a very sweet,abdl,sissy princess babygirl call and play with mommy the other day. We will call her Stacy she was so fond of being put into nice fluffy diapers. She really enjoyed having mommy and my friend’s parade her around the room in full sissy dress and makeup giveing kisses and saying what a babygirl he is. All dolled up and such a pretty princess she was. tears were in his pretty eyes as he said he was not a little babygirl I said yes you are just face it! Then we made him even prettier with more eyeshadow. My friend Nicole was very stern and made him sit down on her lap while she played with his curly long hair like she was curling it for him. I bet all my sissy diaper lover sweeties out there want to visit with mommy crissy and her cute friend’s so we can make you pretty too! Call now 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402 yim:phonemommycrissy
May 26, 2012

ABDL Diaper Change Phone Sex

Which ABDL Girl needs a Diaper Change? I DO!  Let’s face it, it’s no fun to change your diaper all by your lonesome all the time is it? Sometimes I even call one of the Fetish Mommies here to do it for me.  They laugh when I do and say things like, “Oh Cali!” lol I can’t help it, now I know they can’t do it for me in real life, but just having a soothing voice over the phone leading me through one, or them giving me directions and going into detail of how the wipes feel, and how the powder smells is nice. I don’t mind spending the money to do it either. And NO I do not get a discount because I work with them *pout*.   But once in awhile, I need someone else to do it.  A loving Daddy to call me and take care of me. I am after all just a lil ABDL baby girl, and I need guidance! Darn it!  Nothing takes the place of a Daddy’s hands on my tiny hiney as he cleans me up, then powers me, and puts a fresh from the dryer cloth diaper on, and then my pretty frilly panties over top!   If you would like to give me a Diaper Change, then please call me. It’s really warm out today, and I have been sorta naughty in my diapie, and I definitely need a change. *giggle* Your #1 Diaper Girl, Cali Smoohies! 888.420.2010  
May 25, 2012

My Sissy's Menstrual Cycle!

Look at my newest minion, he practically turns to jelly when he gets to play with my panties hehehe. He makes such a Pretty Panty Boy! Don’t ya think? He becomes incredibly giddy when I take out my dirty panties, the naughty little panty boy especially loves any of my feminine blood stained panties. He often wears them all day long and later in the evening or come early morning I find him hectically washing them under cold water in the bathroom sink. I make him wear feminine products when he plays with me. I had him purchase a wide variety of all kinds of feminine products, from sanitary napkins to liners, tampons, douche and Midol. He becomes a real sissy bitch during his menstrual cycle and displays all the symptoms too. I mark a red dot on his calendar to remind him of his time of the month. What a moody Sissy he becomes, once that time of the month rolls around. Whining and complaining about his painful cramps, headache, fatigue, and even bloating, I offer him the Midol and a cold water bottle to place over his unsettled tummy, forehead and aching back! It is really quit a sight for sure. Mandy 1.888.430.2010 YIM stepsistermandy
May 23, 2012

Adult Baby picnic for Memorial Day

What better way to kick off the summer season then with a picnic on Memorial Day!  We can pack a wonderful picnic lunch with all your favorites – corn on the cob, hot dogs, fried chicken, potato salad, plus of course watermelon (what’s a Memorial Day picnic without watermelon?).  But I always say the more the merrier, so let’s bring all your stuffed little furries and plushies too!  We can have a regular outdoor picnic with all your soft little friends to share in the fun!   And after you have tuckered yourself out form all the play, and after I have laid you down for a diaper change, it will be time to lay your head down for a well deserved nap in the afternoon – won’t it be comforting to have all your friends to cuddle up with and guide you off to dream land (that way you will be well rested for the fireworks at night!)?  And yes, we can light sparklers and run around at night and catch fireflies as well, making out picnic complete!     So what do you say? Shall we have an Adult Baby picnic with all your plushies?     Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
May 20, 2012

Petticoat Punishment Phone Sex

Oh you have been a very very bad little one haven’t you, but, luckily for you, I know how to administer Petticoat Punishment! Oh yes my Dear one. You think just because you are a small male that you would never ever have to dress like a girl? You thought wrong sweetie. You see, this is what happens when you don’t listen, or when you go into Mommy’s things, and hold them close to you in a very naughty way. You have to be taught a lesson. Now if you are going to whine and cry about it, I will just make it that much worse for you. I will have you dressed up in the fullest, girliest, most frilly pink sissy dress I can find. Then, I will put a full petticoat under it, so when you go outside all your friends will know that you have been subjected to your Mommy’s Petticoat Punishment. Mommy Liz 888.430.2010
May 17, 2012

mommy's dirty diaper lover

Mommy’s dirty diaper lover. He likes it when we get real down and naughty. Mommy takes him to her blanket fort where no one can see what kind of sweet touches he gives to me. we have all the plushest diapers that you can buy. Only him and me get to experience the hot night’s under the blankie we spread out in mommy crissy’s nursery. He is so lovable and kind and knows just how to make me unwind. Loves mommy’s milk and is such sleepy boy after a feeding oh abie needs a pacifier he must be teething. His high chair is built big&comfy for his little abie bottom. Mommy feeds him all his faveorite abie foods while he relaxes in front of the tv. It’s all he needs to be my dirty diaper lover and his sexy mommy. yim:phonemommycrissy
May 16, 2012

Adult Baby Nursery

You thought you could hide it from me – your little adult baby desires.  You thought you had your diapers and onsies and binkies stashed away safely, where I would not find them.  You thought you cleared your browser history as to not leave any bread crumbs to your little obsession.  You thought that if I found out who and what you truly are, I would run away as far and as fast as I could.  But you were wrong.  I found your stash of adult baby gear; I found your browser history on your computer, following and finding out where your needs have taken you; and I have not “run for the hills” as it were. I did, however, smile and find a deep connection to this wondrous world that you have tried to squirrel away from me.  And I did immerse myself in all there was to know about adult babies and diaper lovers and the ABDL Mommies that take care of them.   And I did decide to not only embrace your baby-self, but to give you a place to nurture and express that inner adult baby that is yearning to come out. Welcome to your new adult baby nursery along with your ABDL Mommy!     Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
May 14, 2012

ABDL Nighttime Stories

Come curl up with ABMommy Sara for the evening and let me read your favorite ABDL Nighttime Story. Mommy Sara loves to take care of her abdl’s needs making certain your tummies are as full as your diapers before you rest your head on Mommies lap and I lull you off to sleep as I read your favorite bedtime story. I have a large collection of Beddybye Books, but don’t you worry if I don’t have it I will find it (thanks to the Internet hehehe) So what might you want to unwind to after a long hard day? Perhaps you love to be a little scared like me and enjoy a classic horror tale such as Hansel and Gretel. Or maybe you are an ABDL that has nightmares so you prefer something sweet like stories found in Winnie-the-Pooh. Or could you be a romantic and favor something such as the Frog Prince, or an adventurer like Huckleberry Finn or as an ABDL you might sleep best to stories of the boy who never grew up Peter Pan. I would love to spend an evening with you. Whichever your likening I will be most happy to read it to you and share that very special bonding moment between an ABMommy and her Adultbaby! Nighttime Stories with Mommy Sara 1~888~430~2010 YIM: phonemommysara