October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I have no doubt that all of my little ones are going to be getting dressed up and having a wonderful time this evening. Just remember, don’t eat candy from strangers. It’s not because I’m worried about something happening to you, but instead I wouldn’t want you to get so filled up on candy that you wouldn’t have any interest in breastfeeding! Besides, candy can make it hard for you to go boom and we all know how much I look forward to changing your diapers. As always, kisses and love from me to you. Savannah 1*888*430*2010
October 31, 2011

sissy sluts and sissy princess

Have you ever thought about being shown off as a sissy to many many ladies? I’ve though about how much fun it would be to have a big sissy show. Maybe even a sissy pageant. The thing about it is a lot of the sissies I know are plain slutty and they would do anything to be crowned as the sissy winner. I can think of several sissy sluts who would bribe the femdom judges with favors just to get that crown. There are some scandalous sluts out there and you know who you are. What would you do to who to get crowned as THE sissy princess? Would you take a strapon in front of the judges? Would engage in sissy on sissy oral? Think about it though. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your Mistress or your Dommy Mommy dress you up in gorgeous clothes and makeup to be seen by all of the other sissies and females there? Picture what you might wear to such a sissy show. Would you be in a long formal gown with heels and pantyhose? Would your Mommy dress you as a little sissy baby girl in diapers and a ruffled dress? Let your imagination run wild and think of all of the cute things and sexy outfits a Mistress might dress her sissy up in for all to see. What would the crown look like? Would there be a talent contest for the sissies to sing,dance, do comedy or something else? Mommy Scarlet
October 30, 2011

diapered and bound

Two of my favorite things are diapers and bondage. It just happens that my abie sissy loves them too. Lucky for both of us. I spent the other night talking to one of my old friends about abie sitting him while I got some errands done. As he was in the bathroom getting a shower I threw his diaper bag and a small toy bag into the trunk of our car. He asked me about whether or not eh had to wear diapers during this outing. I told him no, I thought he could be a big girl and just wear panties. When I drove to the friend’s house instead of to the store he started to ask me what we were doing. I said dropping by to visit for a few minutes. We got inside and I had him drop his pants. He looked at me confused and my friend just said “oh the baby needs a diaper before Mommy leaves him. “. He blushed as I pointed down to the ground for him to lie down and get diapered. My friend went to the car and got the bags. I took his diaper out and diapered him in front of my friend. Then I took the strands of rope form the bag and tied his ankles together then his wrists. I kissed him on the head and told him that Mommy’s friend would keep an eye on him while I ran some errands. My friend started laughing and said well little baby it’s just you and me for now isn’t it? My abie blushed and then asked a very silly question. He asked me why I tied him up. Mommy wanted to, that’s why he got tied up. Mommy Scarlet
October 30, 2011

ABDL Halloween Party

October 28, 2011

Abie in a Bib

One of my favorite role play scenarios involves punishing an irresponsible and immature husband or boyfriend. I recently had the opportunity to play this out with a caller and I was particularly interested in humiliating him. I explained to my man of the moment that he wasn’t living up to my expectations and informed him that I had a plan that would give him a chance to make up for it and at the same time rectify the situation. My plan starts with a shopping trip and ends with my delinquent boyfriend powdered and diapered, in a cute bonnet, a rattle in one hand and a bib around his neck while I spoon mashed bananas into his mouth. Sounds simple but it’s not always easy to make a grown man understand that his place is in a diaper, in a bib, in a crib. It was the bib that broke him. We were standing in the store and even with a cart full of supplies he wouldn’t accept what was happening. I told him that we weren’t leaving without a bib and he was going to choose which one. We had a bit of a stand-off but he eventually conceded that he liked the blue one, the one with the rabbits on it. It was a downhill battle from there and baby became very compliant once he understood that I was going to teach him and train him from the start. Good fun, all in all. Call Nanny Ella for naughty ab/dl phone sex role play. 1-888-430-2010 | $1.99/minute 18+ Billed as Madison Enterprise
October 26, 2011

Halloween Fun

I decided that for Halloween this year I was going to dress up as something very sexy. I know that all of you are just dying to find out what that is going to be. There is only one way for you to figure it out though. You’re going to have to come to the Phone-A-Mommy chatroom on Monday, October 31st at 8:00 P.M. EST. It’s going to be a frightfully fun time. So bring an extra diaper and join me there. As always, kisses and love from me to you. Savannah 1*888*430*2010
October 24, 2011

dl Mommy and diapers for you too

What’s wrong with this picture? Can you all see it? She’s missing her soft thick adult diaper. Now do you see it? Are you missing yours? Do you need a dl mommy to get you into one? All of these questions I know, but I also know that you probably do need your diaper on you. Just like little Miss Pumpkin bottom does. You simply can’t go out this Halloween without Mommy putting your diaper on you. DL Mommy Josie
October 20, 2011

Petticoat Discipline : The ROYAL Treatment

DEAR READERS, MY LYRICS WRITTEN BELOW, ARE TO BE SUNG TO THE TUNE OF THE LULLABY ENTITLED “HUSH LITTLE BABY” **************** Hush prissy sissy, don’t say a word, Mo-mmys sick of you act-ing ab-surd… If you’re whin-ing does not stop, Go-nna pin you down and jump on top… If you still keep sa-ssin’ me, Mo-mmys go-nna throw a-way the key… To your hand-cuffs locked up tight, Give in si-ssy you can’t fight… First you will be cor-set-ed, Your tu-mmy will be sucked in.. That’s too bad if you can’t breathe, Guess you should start min-ding me… Act like you are roy-al-ty, Now you’ll dress like it, you see… In Mar-ie An-toi-nette’s dress, And wig, what fab-u-lous-ness! Make you strut your stuff just like, You’re queen of Pa-lace Ver-sailles! You’ve had it co-ming you see, For acting pri-ssy and mean… When you treat me like that slut, Your mouth will then be forced shut.. Pe-tti-coat disc-i-pline works, It corr-ects be-ha-vior quirks… When you’re laughed at, oh so rude, It co-rrects your a-tti-tude… Next comes that which makes me purr, I tear your a-dult dia-per… Then I stick my head un-der, Your dress and you start to sqirm… It turns Mo-mmy on real quick, Play-ing with your sissy dick… Forced to cum deep in my throat, You feel shamed, that floats my boat! Love hu-mi-li-a-ting you, E-ven when you cry, boo hoo 🙁 Per-haps you will act hum-ble, For a while, till you crum-ble… Un-til the time comes soon when, We must do this all again… Till you learn your le-sson son, Mo-mmy will keep having fun;) *************************** With Love To All My Naughty Sissies! *************************** XOXO, Miss Cate 1-888-430-2010 http://www.phoneamommy.com/specials.html http://www.phonesexwithcate.blogspot.com
October 20, 2011


You get a call from me at work – I’m disturbingly cold as I inform you that I know what you have done…and there will be consequences…severe consequences for your actions, and then I simply hang up.  You are left in a state of panic as you search your brain for a clue as to what I have discovered, taking an inventory of what wrongs you have perpetrated (it could be one of many you surmise).  When you arrive home, you call out for me, but no voice answers back.  You move from one room to the next, searching, but half wishing that you do not find me, afraid of what is to come.     Then you enter the bedroom, and you see what can only be the fore-mentioned consequences – confused you just stand there looking at what has been laid out for you.  Your mind whirls as you piece together what is in store for you, what you are about to be subjected to.  You know what will happen upon your refusal – you are well aware that I know where all the bodies are buried, know every skeleton, every deep dark secret that would leave your life in ruins if certain people would be informed of any one of them, or god forbid, they were to become public knowledge.  And you also know I have no qualms about using such knowledge if I deem it prudent to my needs.  You breathe in deeply, resigned to your fate. I come up behind you and say matter-of-factly over your shoulder, “I told you there would be consequences…now disrobe.”   Maggie ~~Your go-to mommy for all your secret diaper punishment and diaper bondage desires 1*888*430*2010