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May 27, 2011

Phone Nanny Ella when Mommy's Had Enough

Nanny Ella is here to discipline and train naughty little ones that just give their Mommy a hard time. If you are making trouble I will set you straight no matter what it takes. Forced diapering and infantilism, enemas, spankings, sissification–I will go to any extreme to break you and YOU WILL BE GOOD for Nanny. In the end it is worth the effort to behave because Nanny Ella takes special care of sweet little ones and even though you have to be good, I can get as naughty as I like.     ~Your Naughty Nanny Ella~   Call Nanny Ella for Naughty Nanny Phone Sex Role Play 1-888-430-2010
May 25, 2011


Did baby make a messy in his diapee? Oh that is ok mommy is here and willing to clean that up for you.  So let Mommy Josie clean your little tushie up and give a little powder to his bit-bits and shower you with lots of love.   Allow me time to show you how the babies really deserve to be loved and treated.
May 24, 2011

scared sissy

I hate for my sissy baby to get frightened. You should know Mommy is close by and will not let anything bad happen to her sissy baby. These spring storms can be loud and go boom all day long but Mommy is here. Just as I thought you would you went peepee in your cloth diapers when you heard that thunder. It's OK though, we'll get baby cleaned up and fresh again. Then you can come lay in Mommy's arms and drift off to sleep as the lightening lights up the sky. Mommy Shirley
May 23, 2011

Forever ABDL

Its hard to imagine that someday I’m going to be old but I’ll always be 2 yrs old even when I’m 90 lol. I just can’t imagine ever not wearing diapers. I would be lost without them. I know most people cant relate to my abdl side and as a diaper girl its so hard to meet a guy who wants to live in this lifestyle with me and change my diapers and treat me like the little baby I feel like on the inside. I need a Daddy to take care of me 🙁 Call me Baby Betsy 888-430-2010
May 22, 2011

Mature Sex

Is your girlfriend and her friends nothing but a little tease? Are you fed up with their games and stuck up attitudes? I bet you long to be with a more mature lady, one that knows how to handle herself, one that is comfortable with her sexuality, one that wants to fulfill your sexual desires. A woman who is not afraid of a little cum. One who doesn’t get giddy or squeamish in the site of your hard bulging cock? Oh no, that is not what a mature women would do. A real women will be happy to let you explore and learn her body, train you on how to use your tongue against her pussy, one who loves your sticky cum all over her tits and face, and knows how to swallow. One that believes every hole should be explored. Are you with me? Are you ready for a real women and not an immature tease? Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
May 22, 2011

Bitch Boy Lesson

So I had to call your parents in for a conference. Your mother was unable to attend but your father did. Your father I must say was not only in total agreement with me regarding the lesson I suggested you were in need of. But he also volunteered to assist me. So this afternoon you will be staying after class and your father will be joining us. Your mother has spoiled you into think you are the greatest gift ever and has to be squashed, I think having your father assist in the process will expedite your training. So big man, come and meet your fate. On your knees little bitch boy and open wide! Mizz Rebecca Specializing in: forced bi, forced fem, training sissies, cock-sucking lesson, Domination, strap-on.
May 21, 2011


Oh how I do love to take care of all my little ones…nanny loves when she gets to spend that quality time with her little ones to make sure that they are in a clean diaper and dressed to go and explore the world….now that the weather is nice…we can go for those long walks or to the park…nanny loves to see her little ones play and explore that big world around them…oh that is ok…nanny will make sure that you are safe and dry…Rachel…1-888-430-2010
May 19, 2011

Naughty ABie Boy

  When baby boy graduated from his aby crib to his “big boy” bed he discovered a few advantages…that’s if you didn’t get caught!  Mommy is very strict about adult baby boy’s bedtime and when Mommy tucks her aby in he is in bed for the night.  Mommy would have to continually repeat herself “you’re a big boy now and must follow big boys rules” however abie boy was a naughty little one who never listened.   He also knew little guys should not be snooping in Mommy’s panty draw yet little aby boy could not help himself and dived head first into her silky panties. Finally my little one found his favorite pair and couldn’t resist pulling off his freshly changed diaper and replaced it with the Mommy’s silky pinkpanties !   Naughty aby boy was so overcome with excitement he didn’t hear Mommy climbing the stairs until it was almost too late!  The last thing my little guy counted on was Mommy coming to bed early. In his haste to get back to his bed he left his diaper in the middle of Mommy’s bedroom floor!     It’s just a matter of time!   Mommy Maggie 1*888*430*2010
May 19, 2011

First Time

  I remember the first time you took a step; the first time you skinned your knee; the first time you went to school. Who else would be there for all your firsts but your mommy? And now you are ready for another first time – one that will show you what to do with that growing penis of yours. There’s no reason to get bashful with me! I can see your newly formed boner underneath those covers of yours. I’m going to just crawl in next to you, and show you exactly how to touch it, how to stroke it, how to use it in new and wondrous ways, places. – Now are you ready for your next “first time?”    Mommy Gina 1*888*430*2010   Other areas of play for this MILF: Strap on play ~ sissy training ~ petticoat punishment ~ adult babies ~ diaper lovers
May 16, 2011

Potty Training for AB

Hi AB’s guess what!? Some of you are in need of potty training 101 with Dommy Mommy Lexus! I use many different ways to get my AB’s to go in the potty just like a boy boy/girl does. The only thing is, when you are out of your diapers…we have to switch to training pants! There will be specific times of the day that we must get you to the potty chair to get you to go. Like 1st thing in the morning, mid morning, afternoon, and a couple times after dinner then lastly right before bed. Mommy likes to make a game out of it to get you to go. I like to put little “targets” in the potty when you are going pee pee. Cheerios is one thing that I tend to use. It’s makes it fun for you to aim at the targets when your going potty. And you will always be rewarded for a successful time at the potty. The rewards can be many, but mommy knows that you will really love the rewards! Call Mommy Lexus for potty training time 1*888*430*2010
May 16, 2011

sister ab sitter

Listen, I know you never expected Mom to ask me to babysit you, but she did. I'm not thrilled about it either because I'm supposed to be having a slumber party girl's night. My friends are still coming over too, so deal with it. Just look at it this way there will be more girls around to change your diaper. You will be wearing your diapers, because Mom said you keep wetting your bed and wetting your pants. I'm not going to clean all of that up so as soon as she leaves I'm sticking you in diapers. Samantha
May 15, 2011


Now hold real still, Okay? You don’t want to hurt yourself or do you? Most Mistress’s lead their subbies around with a neck collar, but not me, I think it is best to lead you around by your cock. It has proven to be a much more persuasive means of control. Even in public a leash shall be inserted from a patched up hole I make in the back of your pants. It will resist your temptation to stray and remind you to remain obedient! Remember once I collar you – you will be forever My Possession! Lauren 1 888 430 2010