May 31, 2010

Bridal Diaper

The Bridal Diaper is an urban legend circulated widely among Adult Baby and Diaper Lover communities. The legend is that it is a popular trend for brides to wear some form of diaper under their wedding dress. The legend is propagated as a fantasy of many fetishists, as male fetishists are attracted to the idea of a bride wearing a diaper under her dress, and female fetishists are attracted to the idea of wearing a diaper under their dress. Thanks to internet message boards, a fairly small number of fetishists have been able to create rumors, anecdotes and reports that it is surprisingly popular for otherwise normal women to wear a disposable diaper as bridal lingerie. Going into an actual bridal boutique or asking people who really work in the wedding industry is more likely to elicit rolled eyes and sighs, as the legend is known by most professionals, albeit somewhat obscure. Silvie
May 30, 2010

Pillow Pets

Have you all seen the new Pillow Pets? I just think they are adorable. Perfect for our slumbers. I think they will work good with our pillow fights as well as making sure Mommy Sara has enough pillows LOL. Dont forget Tuesday night is the next Slumber Party! Mommie Becca 1 888 430 2010
May 30, 2010


I hope everyone will take the time to remember those who have served us both in the past and the present. Tomorrow just isnt about a day off or a an excuse to BBQ and Drink. It is a time to take a moment and be thankful and remember all those who place their lives in danger to keep all the rest of us safe. Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
May 29, 2010

Always a Mommy

My callers always ask me about my job here at I tell them how much I love it. Then they ask if I ever get tired of doing Mommy Calls. My answer is always the same, no, no I do not. I have been working here for a long time now, and it’s a pure joy for me to do so. I get to play many roles, Mommy, Aunt, Nanny, Next Door Neighbor, Random Woman who seduces the caller and on and on it goes. Now I ask you, how could you get tired of doing that when it’s always different? I luv each and everyone of you, even those who haven’t called me yet, because I’m a full time mom here and mom’s love all abies . Gina 1*888*430*2010  
May 29, 2010

What Heroes Gave

Each donned their uniform to be Defenders of our liberty Their mission sure, their spirits bright Guard freedom’s home, be brave to fight One final day each faced their call Each gave their best enduring all We’ll never know what they went through But know they loved this country true Deep down inside we should all feel What heroes gave, their cost so real We must stay thankful, grateful of The gift of freedom through their love Their loved ones bore the gravest pain What we can’t know, some now sustain To God I pray their pain will cease And each will find long-lasting peace Remember this from year to year What heroes gave – shan’t disappear We’ll never let their special day Their time for honor slip away These brave fought for a nation free If not for them, where would we be? by Roger Robicheau Lily
May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

This up coming weekend is a very important weekend for our currant military personal and those who have served in the past. I was looking at some web sites this morning and it brought tears to my eyes. So many moving images and so many stories of bravery and loss. Please remember our vets this weekend and our Military personal and remember to say thanks, because they have fought for us even though they do not even know us. Lizabeth 1-888-430-2010
May 28, 2010

Oh so sweet….

Mommy could not resist…what a cute picture….all diapered up and ready for nanny to come over and sit with little one while mommy and daddy go out on the town…nanny will bring some treats over for us to enjoy…..oh but baby needs to be good to get a treat…..Rachel
May 28, 2010

Getting cool

I want one of these sprinklers to play with my abies in. It’s getting warm, and here is a fun way to cool off. Can you picture Mommy rubbing sun block on you and then putting you into your little swimmy diaper so that we can play in the water? I can picture it. It’s warm outside and everyone is getting a little tired of playing blocks and dolls. It’s time to get out there and run under the sprinkler. It’s fun for babies of all ages, even the adult babies I love. Mommy Scarlet
May 27, 2010


Awwww poor….er….uh…whatever that is. Got squashed! This toy just makes me laugh. I think I would give this to someone I really don’t like, I mean it’s the perfect..I Wish You Would Get Hit By A Truck gift. Don’t you think? I can think of about 12 people who I would send it to. And for those of you who say..that’s mean Stacie…yeah well it is mean, but it’s also appropriate for the 12 people who I would bestow it to, so..THERE! Stacie 1-888-430-2010