November 30, 2009

Back To Bubbley Basics

Every holiday and birthday I seem to get lots of gifts of pretty smelling lotions and bubble baths from VS, and other girly places. While I don’t want to seem ungrateful,  those bottles are just piling up on my bathroom sink while I end up using what I really love.  Good, old fashioned Mr.Bubble! Between the piles of bubbles and the scent that makes me think of being a little girl, I just can’t help but have a big smile when I take a bubble bath with real Bubbles! Sure I love to smell all girly sometimes, but smelling like a little girl is much better! Isn’t it?   Love, Janey 1 888 430 2010
November 29, 2009

Climb up on Mommy's Lap

Come climb up on mommy Gina’s lap. I just love our special cuddle time we have together. My arms wrap around you, holding you close to my bosom, rocking you gently. I breathe in the perfume of your hair, kissing your head softly, placing my cheek atop of your tussle of hair. My eyes close as I start quietly humming a lullaby; you coo and snuggle down even more into my lap, my arms, your eyes growing heavier and heavier, lulled into such blissful contentment. The world outside simply melting away, time seems to be at a stand still, there is no one left in it except you and me and our special time together… MommyGina 1-888-430-2010
November 29, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes!

A little boy was overheard praying: ‘Lord, if you can’t make me a better boy, don’t worry about it. I’m having a real good time like I am.’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin 5, and Ryan 3 The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson. ‘If Jesus were sitting here, He would say, ‘Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait.’ Kevin turned to his younger brother and said, ‘ Ryan , you be Jesus !’ I thought These were cute and wanted to share them. Happy Holidays Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
November 29, 2009


Did everyone get good and full ? Plenty of helpings to go around I am sure if you cooked as much as I did. I slaved over the stove as many mothers did this Thanksgiving. By the time I served the meal I think I ate a few bites of everything and wanted to take a nap. Luckily, I had a couple of great helpers that kept me up with the dishes as I cooked so clean up was rather simple! Now its time to cook up all the left overs, Turkey Soup, Turkey Casserole, and some Turkey Salad. Hope everyone had a Great Holiday! Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010
November 29, 2009

The Best Feeling In The World

Do you know what one of the best feelings in the world is? Besides being forced to wear a diaper to a party with just women sitting around that you know detest you lol. Being in love. Love is hard to find, it’s hard to keep and it’s hard to make last. Love is hard. I see over on diaperspace a lot of people looking for love, or someone to take care of them as an AB or DL. It breaks my heart really. I wear diapers and I know what it feels like to be turned away and made to feel less then human by someone who you thought loved you no matter what (burn in HELL ex-bf). But let me tell you something, the chance of finding that one, that one who will accept your good and bad, your lows and highs, and diaper wearing little butt is out there. They are. You just have to know where to look, and no I don’t know where that is. Sometimes, they are right under your noses. So keep your chin up, love will find you, and when it does, it will be amazing. *big smile* Stacie 888-430-2010
November 29, 2009

Girls In Diapers

Sometimes you gotta go. And no matter how much you try to hold it, it just happens. I think this girl needs a good thick diapered bottom so this won’t ever happen again. What do you think? I would lay her down and put a pretty Molicare on her, she would look good in one I think. And of course Mommy would change her as necessary, just like I do all my little ones. ~smiles~ Liz 1-888-430-2010
November 26, 2009

diapering thoughts

I’ve been chatting with an online acquaintance I had lost contact with until today. I forgot how adorable he was though, what a pity. Since then I have just been thinking of how cute his bottom would look thickly diapered. Or how slowly I would rub baby lotion over it. He has one behind I would take my time with. I kind of think all cute butts need to be powdered and then diapered, don’t you? Mommy Scarlet
November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Comments I hope eveyone has a great turkey day tomorrow with your loved ones. Be safe and thankful. Mommy Josie ask for the” turkey special” to get a discounted rate, hurry because it only lasts through midnight Nov. 30!!
November 25, 2009

Come on Over

Oh does someone need a hug…well come on over and I will make sure that your well taken care of…I have the nursery all set up and it needs someone to make it complete….I have a great deal of experience in diapering, bathing and what ever else my little one may need…Nanny loves to cuddle with all her little ones and make sure that they are well taken care of while they are in her care….so don’t wait anylonger than you have to for Nanny to take care of all those needs of yours….but you better behave or else the ugly Nanny will come out and make sure that you listen to everyone of her demands of you….Rachel….1-888-430-2010