May 29, 2008

diapers for strangers

    From the minute I saw him I could picture him as a baby. Those beautiful long lashes and his sweet dimples. I just wanted to walk over to him and say “excuse me, but you are too cute, you’re going home with me.” Then reality and common sense came back and I realized I already have the perfect abie. I don’t think it means I can’t look and appreciate the adorable guys I see that I want to diaper. I would say my abie still thinks of getting spanked by other women. Wait; he does, when he has sitters. Hmmm maybe I should have approached that guy.   Scarlet
May 26, 2008


Mommy opened up her closet today for a little sissy abie. Well mommy didn’t know her adult baby was a sissy at first. AB was watcing Mommy get dressed up. But abies favorite was watching me put on my make up cause I put a little bit of lipstick and blush on mommy’s abie. Then grabbed my pink scarf and wrapped it around his neck and tied it in a big bow. Mommy had a cute little sissy on her hands. Posted by Nurse Betty Call Betty at 1 888 430-2010    
May 22, 2008

Panty Thieves

  My abie is always stealing mommies panties. I guess I should expect it from the naughty sissy. The thing is the dirty girly has her own panties. You just never know what an adult baby might have up their sleeve. One time I just kept letting them add up in her ‘hiding’ place until I ran out. Then I turned it into a big production and made her take me shopping for new ones. Come to think of ti that was a good way to get new panties.     Scarlet
May 19, 2008


Bobby loves waddling around the park in his diaper while sucking his thumb and then turning onto his back and kicking his little legs in the air. Nurse Betty always knows when Bobby has had enough humiliation and needs to find his release. She removes Bobby’s Diaper always to find a hard on which Bobby always manages to milk for Nurse Betty and cum all over her huge milky tits. What a good boy Bobby has been today.   Posted by Nurse Betty Call Betty at 1 888 430-2010 Add “PhoneNurseBetty” to YAHOO Messenger and tell me your naughty secrets
May 15, 2008

My New Diaper

I’m usually not the one that wears the Diapers LOL. But today I thought I love the feel when I rub it across my skin why not try just wearing it. And, to my surprise I really enjoyed it I felt secure the whole day as if someone was holding me really tight ( a good tight) and was protecting me my whole day. So when I went to my AB/DL babysitting job I told him and was so happy that we had some Diaper Fun *giggles* I’m going to find where to buy some more since I just started with the Depends. I want to feel like a real baby. 1*888*430*2010
May 15, 2008

Being a Better Mommy

It’s important to always try to learn new things about your baby. New twists to old favorite games, new ways to make them shiver with delight. Sometimes it feels like you have done everything under the sun that the two of you can do. We are always looking for things to add, change or try out. How I see it is that I am lucky to have my abie, and I don’t want to lose our ageplay   Mommy Scarlet
May 14, 2008

The feel of Diapers

Today I had the best ever to come. Ordinary Sex is a bore! You have to get me in a way that only a few men will dare to go! I ask some guys to do it and they look at me and just say no *Boohooo* I say.Well, one guy like what I like and he put a diaper on! I love Pampers supreme squeeze in them come on you can fit! Cut that hole out and let that cock come through, stick it in that tight pussy and pound away. I’m going to squirt all over you ummmmm………………… you like that? I love it let that cum drip all over my face. I’m a mean slutty sitter how about you Babyboo.Kisses Samantha
May 12, 2008

                        My baby loves to suckle on Nurse Betty’s engorged tittys and always ask me to wear his favorite little red bra and panties to make him as horny as hell. Baby loves to be treated as a sissy boy and mocked and used by Nurse Betty and her friends. He really likes my red bra the best because it is so low cut that it hangs underneath my large breasts like a half cut nursing bra and pushes his “dinner” up and out so he can easily latch on to the big nipples whenever he feels hungry. Call Betty at 1 888 430-2010 Add “PhoneNurseBetty” to YAHOO Messenger and tell me your naughty secrets
May 8, 2008

Hewwo Wittle Ones

Hi little ones and co-mommies. We had a good sweet bunch of adult babies in the abdl chat last night. It was nice to see the sissies and abie boys and girls. If you have never come by and chatted, you are missing out. Drop by and say hello. It’s a good way to get to know the mommies, grannies and all of the abdl lovers. It helps to get to know someone a bit before making that call. Mommy Scarlet