November 14, 2007

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    Hello everyone I am so happy you came to visit. I have just finished and whew it took awhile but was so worth it. I’m Mommy Maddy, and I hope you like your stay here at There are some really neat sections here on our site so make sure to browse them all and check them out. There’s a really neat Story Time section and we all made some audios for the stories so you can hear them read to you. Then theres the girls section and that’s where you fine the mommy or girl that’s best for you.   Then there’s the Diary section which you are reading now hehe. This is where our mommies come to let lose and write how there day has been or maybe some neat things they experienced and wanna share it with everyone. Remember some of our Mommies can be pretty naughty hehe so make sure to put on your earmuffs if you don’t wanna read anything to xxx!   If you have any questions about how to call or maybe the rates just click the “How to Call”, button and it will tell you step by step on how to place the call. For any other questions just go to the FAQ’s page and there you will find all your answer to any questions you might have.   Don’t forget to drop by the specials page. We have so many great specials available and they are just for our special callers so make sure to pick one out today!                                                                 Love, Mommy Maddy
November 13, 2007

The Beginning

The Beginning Well I thought I would share with you how I got started. It won’t be too long, but hopefully interesting enough for those of you who wonder the same thing demon does. I actually was just a plain phone sex operator and knew nothing about fetishes or anything when I started. Well the more I worked and did normal sex calls the more I learned about myself and what I did and didn’t like. About 2 years into the job I thought I knew it all LOL! I thought there was no fetish out there that could shock or surprise me until my first REAL adult baby call. Now I have had adult babies call before, but I think they were just testing the waters and knew about as much as I did about the lifestyle (which wasn’t a lot) but this one was different. I could hear his diapers in the background and actually could feel what he wanted. Through his voice I could actually tell just what he wanted and the odd thing is as long as I was a phone sex operator I had to guess, ask, or listen to hints of what guys or girls wanted, but not this time. Well after the call I was sort of stuck on it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it wondering what he got out of it and why he did it. Then I started researching it because I wanted to understand it more for him and myself. Well he called back and we had our second call and it was better than before. At the end he said,” I have a question for you”, and I said,” Ok”. He asked me if I was new at this. I felt a bit embarrassed but didn’t want to lie to him and I said,” yes I am”. He said great and hung up on me??? I was almost in tears, I just knew he hated me and I would never hear from him again. So the next day I was reading my emails and I saw an email from an odd name I had never seen before. Well I opened it and sure enough it was my baby asking me where he can send some stuff he had gotten for me. I was so excited!!! I gave him my PO Box address and checked it 5 times a day for my new presents I was suppose to receive. Well 5 days later a box with the name My Mommy Maddy arrived at my post office. I rushed home to open it because I was so excited and curious all at the same time. I mean I have received big expensive gifts from guys before, diamonds, TV?s, gold, but I was over all those common gifts. None of them had heart or thought into them. So I sat on my floor and ripped open this box and wow!!! He packed this box with the most awesome first timer?s adult Mommy kit I had ever seen even to this day. He made it himself and even made instructions just for me with my name all in them he he (I have them in my drawer to this day LOL) He put Paddles for naughty time, diapers for me to understand the sensations he feels when he wears them, and so many more little things that I played with for hours. Who knew that you could use an ordinary electric toothbrush in such a punishing way he he but he taught me that too. Then once he opened those doors my […]
November 13, 2007

The End Of The Weekend

The end of the weekend The baby looked in the mirror that his Mommy had placed on the floor. His little hand went to the other baby looking back at him. Their hands touched briefly, tiny fingers touching, flexing, and pressing against one another. A look of wonder appeared on his face as he took in the reflection. The little one smiled against his paci in his mouth. He sat up and clapped, bouncing up and down as he did so. He looked over at his Mommy to see if she was watching, which she was. She smiled at her baby boy, scrunched up her nose and crawled down on the floor with him. He started to giggle and tried to crawl away but it was too late. His Mommy had his little tootsies in her hands, her nails gently brushing up and down the instep. He rolled over and started to laugh while his Mommy brought her hands up his sides, gently tickling him. She was laughing too now, relishing the time that she could spend with her little man. The clock on the mantel chimed, they both stopped playing and looked at the clock. Mommy sighed and said, “its seven o?clock Allen, time for your bath. Did you do your stinky for Mommy?” Allen looked up at her, his eyes big and shook his head no. “Now Allen, you know Mommy wants you to go poopy before bath time so you don?t make a stinky after you are all clean.” She brushed her finger tips down his cheeks smiling at him warmly. “Are you ready to go poopy?” Allen shook his head yes. She stood up and went to sit on the sofa, Allen crawled over to her, she reached down, took his hands in hers as she helped him up onto her lap. He put his head on her shoulder as she rubbed his tummy with the palm of her hand. Her other hand patting the side of his right thigh, “Now just relax, push out that poopy for Mommy Allen, you can do it.” She began to rock back and forth cooing softly to him, giving him words of encouragement, telling him to just push with his tummy. Allen began to push, making little grunting sounds, he was trying so hard. Mommy placed her forehead against his temple, whispering all the while, telling him how much she loved him, and how much of a good baby he was. The first couple of pushes produced nothing, but suddenly he felt it. He felt that warm messy start to fill his diaper. He could tell by his Mommy?s smile that he was doing a good job. She pushed him forward and put the flat of her hand on his diapered bottom. Patting him as he pushed with his little stomach muscles, rubbing her hand up and down the back of his bum. He pushed some more, filling his diaper up little by little until there was nothing left for him to push out. “GOOD BOY!” His Mommy said proudly. “You did it!” She was still rubbing her hand over his hiney, caressing her baby through his diaper. She pushed him back into his original position, speaking softly into his little ear she asked him if he was ready to make his other ?special? messy for his Mommy. Allen shook his head with great enthusiasm yes. Mommy kissed his little chubby cheek and whispered in to his ear, “Let?s go to Mommy?s room.” She took her baby to her room and placed him on the bed. Allen wondered if […]
November 13, 2007

How I Bought My First Dress

How I Bought My First Dress I was driving through a section of town that was not part of my usual route. I don?t recall why I was there, but as I was driving I caught site of something out of the corner of my eye. I was sure I was mistaken, but I thought I saw a store that had a large pink adult baby dress in the window. I immediately turned around and headed back past the store again, and there it was as bold as brass on a mannequin. I didn’t know what to do. The store was a fetish shop, and I wasn’t sure if I should go in. What if I was seen? How would I explain myself? So I stood in front of the record store next door and stared at this most amazing site. I knew I should walk away but I couldn’t do it. I so desperately wanted to put that dress on. I wanted to be the baby girl I saw myself as, but was afraid of being discovered. I finally managed to walk back to my car and told myself I would just put this out of my mind. I can?t be sure if I knew I was lying at the time. I started to drive by the fetish shop more frequently, looking at my dress. The more I saw it, the more I knew I had to try it on. I convinced myself that if I could just try it on once, I could finally purge this desire. So one fateful day, instead of standing in front of the record shop, I walked into the fetish shop. I was a little surprised that it was so dark, even with the large front window. As I looked around at the usual displays of leather and other kink materials, I heard a voice from the back call out, “I?ll be right out.” In a matter of minutes a young girl with impossibly black hair, a tight leather outfit and piercings popped out from behind a curtain. ” Can I help you?” I suddenly felt nervous. I couldn’t think of how to ask about the dress. She smiled and said in a sly manner, “Maybe if you just pointed.” I gathered my nerve and asked, “The baby items?” “We only have the one dress in the window,” she said, “but if you can wait until I?m done with the customer in the back I?ll get it out for you.” I was surprised. I had as much as confessed that I was an adult baby sissy, and she didn’t bat an eyelash. I felt so free at that moment. I milled around the store waiting for her return, but now more than ever my gaze returned to the dress in the window. When she came out the second time she was leading a man dressed in drag. I moved away so not to be noticed. When he finished paying for his purchases, she looked at me and said, “Ok sweetie, let me get that dress for you now.” With that she stepped into the display area and picked up the mannequin, and brought it into the store. “You are going to look so cute in this,” she said. She undressed the mannequin, placing the items on the counter. Suddenly she looked at me and said, “Are you wearing diapers?” It was so casual, so matter of fact, like she was asking if I was wearing shoes. “No,” I stammered. “Good,” she replied, “Health issues, you know.” She then gathered the items up, took […]
November 13, 2007

My First abdl Sitting Job

My First Sitting Job Click below to hear this story on audio.
November 13, 2007

Mommies Secret Room

Mommies’ Secret Room He stood outside the door, staring at the oaken frame. His hands brushed against the grain as his eyes went to the golden door knob. He wanted to remember everything about this, it would have to be a memory and no more then that. To write it down would be his undoing if it were to be found by his older sister or brother. He watched as his hand went to the door knob, it was cold to the touch and smooth. He turned it slowly, listening as it made that familiar click which always alerted him that his Mother was up for the day. The door made a soft creeking noise as it swung open slowly. He closed his eyes, took a long deep breath, held it and let the comforting scent wash over him. I must remember this all he kept telling himself. The smell of make up, perfume, body lotion and a freshly laundered comforter which was hung out to dry earlier in the day meet him in greeting. He smiled and peered into the room. He was almost dizzy and stiffled a small giggle of nervousness. He put one foot on the pale blue carpet and went in. He knew where she kept them, he knew this was bad, but at the same time he could not get the thought of doing this out of his head. He went to her vanity and sprayed some of her favorite perfume into the still air, breathed it in, smiled and moved on. This was his Mommy’s room, and he loved his Mommy so much, to be close to her and smell her special Mommy smell. To him there was nothing better then sitting on her lap, listening to her soft voice reading to him from one of his many books. It was a safe, wonderful place to be. To him this is what heaven must be like. He lingered a little bit longer over the many trinkets, bottles and hair brushes before slowly moving on. He saw the tall thin cabinet. This is where she keeps them his little brain whispered. He ran his hand over the deep cherry wood, before slowly swinging open the doors. He was getting more and more excited. His little heart was pounding so fast as he opened the top drawer. There was a soft hissing sound as he slid it open, velvet, it was lined in velvet. He closed his eyes and reached inside, his hand brushed against the silk. He grabbed a hold of them. He was surprised to notice that he was sweating. He held them before him, he was actually shaking. He bent over at the waist and put his foot inside the first leg hole then the second, he almost fainted as he felt the material whisp against his inner thighs and up around his waist. He stood there with his eyes closed taking it all in. The smells, the sounds of the traffic outside, his brother playing a video game downstairs, his sister talking on her cell phone about some boy, his Mommy in the kitchen singing along to a song while she made dinner, the warmth of the late evening sun streaming through the big window. It was all perfect, it was all he thought it would be…. Jeff woke up to the sound of his alarm, rolling to his side to reach over to turn it off. He shaved showered and got ready for work. He was an adult, an adult with the need to dream as a child. He pulled his […]
November 13, 2007

ABDL Audio

Click below to listen to this audio story about abdl’s.
November 13, 2007

The Sitters Weekend

  The Sitter’s Weekend I stood outside the house listening to Mrs. Forte yelling at her eight year old son for almost a full twelve minutes. “NO JASON, PUT THAT DOWN JASON, JASON STOP IT!!” Poor Mrs. Forte, she couldn’t find anyone else who would even consider watching her little terror of a boy. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. There was some scuffling and some whispered warnings in a hushed stern voice right on the other side of the door. It swung open to reveal a very tired and harried looking Mrs. Forte and a very energetic overly rotten little kid. I tried my best to hide my smile; I didn’t want Mrs. Forte to think that I was laughing at her predicament. She grabbed Jason by the arm and led him into the living room. It was a mess, toys everywhere, most of them broken, scribble marks on the walls, crayon marks on the coffee table. She gave me an apologetic look and started giving me the contact information I would need in case anything were to happen. I smiled slightly and reassured her that nothing was going to happen and everything would be fine. She gave Jason a kiss on his forehead to which Jason screamed in reply. What a lovely little child this is I thought to myself. I waved goodbye to Mrs. Forte from the bay window in the living room and then turned to face this angelic little thing sitting on the floor before me. “What are you looking at?!?!?” he said from behind his chocolate covered smirk. “What? Or who?” I asked back from behind a steady gaze. He didn’t say anything back he just looked at me and went back to playing with his matchbox cars. I walked away and went to the guest bedroom to put my stuff away. I heard a noise behind me but I didn’t turn around because I knew it would be Jason. “What is all that stuff?” he asked walking into the room. I turned around and said, “This STUFF as you call it is my clothes and few other, uh, treats for tomorrow. Go back to what you were doing, I’ll be out soon.” He didn’t move, and neither did I. We must have stayed like that for a good 20 minutes before he finally said, “I didn’t wanna see your stupid stuff anyway.” He walked away and I turned to finish unpacking, laughing to myself. The rest of the night was like that. I would ask him to do something, he would say no and hold out for as long as he could before showing just how much of a little boy he actually was by giving in with the words, “I didn’t wanna do that anyway” or “I didn’t wanna play with that anyway.” Around 8:30 p.m. I told Jason it was time for bed, and to my surprise he actually went, no whining, and no back talk, just him walking to his room. I went in fifteen minutes later to find him drawing a stick figure of me with what looked to be a tank firing at my head. I leaned against the door way and said, “My eyebrows are not that bushy.” Jason jumped about two feet in the air. “Are you going to go to sleep or stay up all night planning military coups against my freakishly round head?” He giggled a little bit and kept on drawing. I walked away, went into my room and went to bed. Tomorrow held so many wonderful surprises for […]
November 13, 2007

The ABDL Diary

Come back soon for some juicy stories, experiences, and more for diaper lovers, adult babies, and those wanting to learn more about the lifestyle!